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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

might be in my childhood :-? Not with my real sense.

Since I am interested in mangos a lot my father influenced me to plant some buds. Also he forced me to plant some coconut tree since it 'was' integral part of Kerala ( also it was a money earning tree). A Mallu proverb is strengthening the concept. "sambathu kalathu thai pathu nattal , Aapathu kalathu Ka pathu thinnam" ; If you plant a tree while you are rich, you may eat its fruit while you bankrupt/

May be one of the thought keep wandering on in my mind these days is "What I have done for my society ?"

I am not sure whether planting a tree is something worth for our Nation or not. Still I am going to do that.but where ? In Chennai ? Can I plant a tree inside my rented flat ?!!!! I didn't own any single inch in Chennai . neither in Thrissur.

But my father owns a land(may be around 1/4th of an acre) and belongs to a middle class family. He married a village girl before 30 years and has 3 descendants by now. Still She is a typical village woman with a great generosity towards nature and plants.No doubt that she inherited those qualities from her father who was a Head Master of a High School by profession and a farmer by birth.

Whenever she found a space in her small 'estate' she plants something. it was a kind of mini-forest. Believe me, the sun rays couldn't even touch a lion part of her territory. And was very cool to walk in between tree and most of the time with a bent head (not to hit the lower part of trees) .But later that forest was cropped down to build a home. You may guess her sorrow. Was grown up in Acres of land;then replanted to the heart of 'business' centre of Kerala; yet happily designed and maintained her own small land in the City. Now she is struggling to get a significant land to plant a big tree. :-(

What do you think ? How long she sits idle ? now she found that our terrace is enough strong to carry at least 1 banana tree + 10 Kolli kada + 5 'instance of' chembu etc. Also she planted green chili in between. Now she extended her territory to the roof too !!!

If I ask her "Mother, I wish to plant something, Advice me what to plant and where to?".She might faint down !!!or at least she will look at me with open eyes for long time. Whatever, at the end of it, she might Roll on floor laughing :-) and Say with a laugh "You my son...". she has no expectation that I will follow her legacy on these matter compare to my bro or sis (they clearly shown their interest to help her before I though about it)

Or there is a chance for a serious comment too
"What happened my child, are you OK?".


This gives me a good idea man.. Why don't we (four or five people) together buy some farm land far off and have a farm house. We wud be power farmers creating business which is profitable...

And don't forget the great opportunity to holiday there ;)

But I do admit that.. I donno how to plant even a rose plant!! But its okay to dream right :)

Dear Sir. The same would happen with my mom too she use to walk 1 km from the place where we are living and then looks after the plants she had planted. Nothing more some banana trees some Tapiocas and some mango and etc ... Sometime she used to call me. But most of the time she calls me at the time of the university exam. So i would deny. And she called me yesterday when i was in the beach that "Suji i have got some mangoes from our plot". I told "mom am hungry". She told me "Do u think u deserve these mangoes. Whenever i called u for a help u dint came" And gave a gentle smile. Yah she knows me very well that i love mangoes. And she told me by Vishu u could have a lot of them . "Come soon my son"
My grandpa was also a teacher by proffesion and a farmer by birth. Same pinch sir...

Hi Joju,

In the concrete jungle we live in, the greenary is a far away dream. If it is in our place(Thrissur, even though they call it a 'CITY') we could have some green breathing spaces. So better stop day dreaming from Chennai.

I enjoyed your translation "even touch a lion part of her territory".
You mean "Simha bhagam" right?

Anoop Surendran

@Mel : let us make your dream no more a dream

@Sujith : Happy to see one more lazy guy like me :-)

@rbk : yeah, I meant that only; "simha bhagam". chumma irikkatte ;-)



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