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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

There is a difference while riding a Yamaha CruxR and Bajaj Avenger.

Yeah technically one is 109 cc while later is 179cc. one is with 4 gears others is with 5.

Still my mind is with the first one. I felt that it is more powerful than later; sorry it is my own opinion. I like the growling of CxR than the rumbling of Avenger. I feel the power even in its 4th gear. Many occasions I try to change the gear suspecting that I was in 3rd gear.( 3 more people I know have the same opinion; My Brother, My Cousin and My friend ;-) On other hand I felt that Avenger can't pull the slants in its 2nd gear where CruxR could do the same in 3rd.I am very aggressive while riding CxR; always make sure than I am riding more than 50kmhr.

Ok I am stop praising a foreign company. let us adore our bikes.

I like to ride Avenger comparatively slowly to enjoy the style maximum. Sorry I never felt like a God but a king of roads (Of course if no bullet types are around); I can see it in the eyes of people; a kind of admiration to the man who is riding a cruiser type. and some time people give way too; and at time some fellows try for a race.

Money wise I felt more value while bought a CruxR though it is 30k lesser; was a guest lecturer at that time and there is no money just to play with.

One of the reason why I picked out Avenger is the gear shifting method; same for both



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