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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

(Releasing soon...)

Lonely, tough times :
My interview stories in short (just 3 pages only)

George +10:
Birth of an Argentinean Fan

One second envy:
The moment I felt envy (just for a second).

Dhanush's Tag:
A few secrets, my favourites

Confession of an Engg. Graduate
Title says it all.

My editors are busy. I thought... at least allow them to work.


Hey Yasj,

Who's George? is that u?
I too join ur league of Argentina fans.
Hey man, how could you challenge a poor girl like this (I don't know ur Emp. code, does it mean that i am not working in ur company?)
Any way, i am not with the n/w giant u work with.

But i like ur writing dude.

A fan from Venus.

fan from venus: Thanks a lot for your sweet words !

I guess... I got the answer;You could have get the answer to my question only if you were in my division. so you are in CTD.

Ohh Girl, why are you making me a full time vaayanokki. (already I am investing a lion-share of my time in these activities). Nowadays I am watching all Mallu girls there in the cafeteria ;-)

Anyother clues ?




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