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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

To the person who usually sat next to me on Sunday classes for 12 years, from the first standard onwards.

To the person whom we usually call white-devil. He was unusually fair in our childhood and his thoughts were extremely violent (both positive and negative side)

To the person with whom I’ve started combined-study for the first time.

To the person with whom I’ve started Library Administration and its renewal.

To the person with whom I have watched around 20 movies in theater.(counting only in the academic year 1996-97). We don't have any count for rented CDs on the same year, say nearly 50.

To the person to whom I wish to meet at least once every day. 6*340*2 is our count from 1996 to 2001.

To the person whose reply was always "nokkam"(let me try) means 'done'; after that you may forget what you have asked him to do.

To the person to whom I was forced to teach “Rajavinekkalum Raja bhakthi venda” ( Do not be more patriotic than a king). His over commitment made me to say so… several times.

To the person who always discuss about his one and only crush with a single person in the world.

To the person who is always happier than me on my achievements.

To the person who always advised me "wait for your time, relax!!" after each interview.

To the person with whom I can tell… whatever !

To the person who is ready to listen for whatever I tell. May be he might have heard the same thing at least 5 times already.

To the person with whom I’ve eaten Bajji and Milkshake the many times.

To the person with whom I’ve watched Thrissur Pooram at night for the first time.

To the person whom I usually call at 12.30 AM for the last two years to just enquire in pure Thrissur accent “Enthekindra ghedy” ( Dude, how do you do !)

One day he got married. Two busy days before his marriage; handling the crowd and say hi, ‘F5’-ing the friendship with the relatives, friends, colleagues and boarded the train back to Chennai on the same night. Suddenly, it seemed everything got blurred. From the people I know in the house to the strangers in the train. From the busy schedule to the killing silence of traveling alone.

For a second I felt…
I’ve missed him a lot. He’s become an integral part of someone. I can not call him at mid-night. Now, it is someone else’ right to get his time.

For a second I felt…
envy, a bit anger, a bit sadness and a feeling of being complete lost :-( …all in a second!!

What a devil am I? And deserve a name ‘Brown-devil’ like my childhood buddy ‘White-devil’.And one and only one who deserved to call me so.

He is Ranjit John, better known as ‘Johnettan’ by his B.Tech classmates.


Its really difficult to find friends like this. And I know sometimes, we end up getting so possesive abt them. :)

That was really very good Joju


Man...You can't kill your blog. This blog is the only link for our communication. please keep writing.

OK, One more clue: Today, i am wearing a blue churidar with a white dupatta. 'Catch me if you can'

Fan from Venus

@Sush : Umm... you are correct.

@Praveen: Thanks Machu.

@Venus: :-)
nee arennu manasillayillenkilum...nee aarokkeyalla ennu manasillayi...a nagna sathyagalude dukhathilanu njan ;-)

YASJ - That's life i guess...a lill bit of possessiveness, envy, anger, sadness n all of that put together !!! but u have the great beautiful times you shared to hold on to !!!

Yeah..thanks seema

Ranjit John said... July 11, 2006 7:38 AM  

hi my every dear friend............
its really cool yar.........i thought i only misses you when i left to Bangalore........but u miss me more really very good and intimate friend.....whetever be the state of life......u (were,are,will be) my best friend....ever.........

malayakathilum koode bloggeda ghedi

@Ranjit: I was waiting for a good trigger to write about you.

Ur blog made me miss my best friend a lot..............
Its actually difficult to get a true friend :)



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