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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

(Athinayannu njan janichathu; satyathinu sakshyam vahikkan)

2000 years back; A busy morning at Gabathe ( a Roman auditorium).

Jews, led by Caiaphas - the High Priest in Sanhedrin and Annas- another priest and father-in-law of Caiaphas, were waiting for Pontius Pilate, The Roman Governor, to prosecute their ‘prisoner’.

Pilate: Do you always punish your prisoners before they have judged ?
What accusations do you bring against this man?

Caiaphas: Well, if he wasn’t a malefactor, we wouldn’t have brought him before you.

Pilate: That’s not what I asked. Why don’t you judge him according to your own laws?

Caiaphas: Consul, you know’s unlawful for us to condemn any man to death.

Pilate: To death ?... what has this man done to merit such a penalty?

Caiaphas: He has violated our sabath. He has seduced the people … taught foul, disgusting doctrines.

Pilate: Isn’t he the prophet you welcomed into Jerusalem only five days ago?
And now you want him dead?
Can any of you explain this madness to me?

He was referring to the Hosana Sunday.

Annas: your Excellency please…
So far the high priest hasn’t told you this man’s greatest crime.
He has become the leader of a large and dangerous sect who has hail him as Son of David!
He claims that he is the Messiah..the king promised to the Jews.
He has forbidden his followers to pay tribute to the emperor, Consul.

He beautifully changed the meaning of what Jesus had said about tax:
“Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.”
( Daivathinullathu daivathinum, Caesar inu ullathu Caesar inum kodukkuka. )

Pilate: Bring him here ! [I desire to talk to him alone]

In fact, Pilate was surprised to see that Jews were chained their foretold King!

Pilate to Jesus: Drink… (A Ruler's decency to other King)
Are you the King of the Jews?

Jesus: Does this question come from you or Do you ask me this because others have told you that is what I am?

Pilate: Why should I ask you that ?
Am I a Jew?
Your high priest, your own people delivered you upto me.
They want me to have you executed!!!

Are you a King?

Jesus: My Kingdom is not of this world.
If it were, do you think my followers would have let them hand me over ?

Pilate: Then you are a King ?!

Jesus : That is why I was born. To give testimony to the truth.
All Men who hear the truth hear my voice.

Pilate : Truth !!! what is truth ?

(Back to Gabathe)
Pilate: I have questioned this prisoner and find no cause in him.


still.. he was crucified ..

yes!! He was crucified!!!

A character analysis on those 4 people will reveal why he was crucified.

ente software junke .. character analysation okke cheyyan njaammakarinjukoode ..
chekkan chennayil poyi vashalaayenna thonnune

enthu lalithamaaya utharam... nee valiyavanaadaa!
ninte aa elima aa vinayam; blr-il oridathum kittilla !!!

Appozhum utharam paranju thannu athinte bhangi njan nasipikkunnilla!!

You missed out the part where ppl yelled crucify him crucify him, and people would rather have Barabbas freed.

I think ordinary ppl had a huge hand in this.

Yeah I missed the role of those people :-(

Pilate feared of a riot since those people were already violent. He suspected that Caesar might thrash him for this reason. He was confused; If he didn’t crucify Jesus, these people may start rebellion otherwise supporters of Jesus may do the same.

He was failed to understand the ‘truth’. He was almost sure that Jesus’ supports will not make problem. Otherwise as Jesus told they might have start violence immediately after they caught Jesus at night.

So he sentenced Jesus to Crucify though he claims that it was Jews not he, who was responsible to crucify an innocent. And simply washes his hand symbolically.

Usually Indian Laws postpones the final judgment to the next day or to next week of the trial. By this time Judge may think fresh and do a better analysis and may avoid some quick wrong decision by emotions.

I Guess, if Pilate could block those people at least for a day, this Crucification may not happened. Hence I can not Blog "That is why I was born” !!!

(Eda bhayankara… ninakku blog ezhuthanalle njan kurisil marichathu ennu parayunundavum nammude pullikaran )

Were the poeple who said "Hosannah" and 'Crucify him' the same? If same.. is it possible to brainwash people like that over a week's time. I am still not convinced whether there was enough logic on Caiaphas/Annas for pushing for crucifiction? Did Jesus pose thats great a threat to their position to go for it? If there was a threat it was due to the rising popularity among people. If thats the case then where did the people who said "crucify him" came from?

Need not be the same or exact subset of the former crowd.

Ok take by example. Da Vinci Code. a few Christian I knew are doubtful. They suspect that was that correct? Did Jesus marry somebody? They are ready to agree the new concept. They are ready to go for this new 'chance' even after 2000 years. But I, being a (almost) orthodox Christian, am not ready to change my mind.

A few (or a large enough to worry Caiaphas) were fascinated by Jesus, his teachings, his miracles. They are ready to yelled "Hosannah". They are ready to admit that this man might be a foretold King since his works/words were proving the words of old foretellers like Eli.

On other hand a few (or large enough to worry Pelate) were strict followers of Jew’s Law. They were not ready to agree with blasphemy. They feel that the man who says he is GOD deserve capital punishment.

1% or 2% of those two crowds might be common, I guess!!

You may find in Bible that City people were more violent against Christ unlike Villagers.



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