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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

"Shall, should, should have, should have been... why all these things yaar", SMT seemed so confused one day.
"’Should is enough, right?" he added.
"I'll kill the person who introduced all these nasty grammar". he couldn't control his rage.

Yeah, this was a common problem for both of us. So, I decided to start bloging. But the hidden agenda was to improve the grasp over the Queen's language (what that King was doing then ?!!!). Occasionally I have sent my entries to Bijoy for editing. I just wanted to avoid huge blunders. So he was the first person who used to read my post. I think he has never visited the URL Hence, there were no comments on this blog from him. Recently he has shifted his biological clock to 12 hours back from IST. Yeah, He is in US now.

I asked him to enquire his manager about all the possible chances for me.
But he never did.
I offered him to cook all the day.
It seemed he was not impressed with my offer. I even offered him punctual delivery of bed coffee.
No change.
He hit me on my face.
I didn't reply. In fact, I told him to hit more if he wishes.
I told him I'll make oil-less Chicken65.
rakshayila !!!
Finally, he left for US without me :-(
(P.S: if you could find this conversation similar to that of the movie, "Akkare akkare akkare", it is NOT a mere coincidence, I did it purposefully ;-)

I continued to write like

"Today onwards, Malayalam...only English"
"Achu, I make make vegitable curry..."
"nothing (difficult)... take vendakka(ladies finger)..."
"cut.. cut ... cut small pieces"
"take onion ..cut ..cut ..cut .. small pieces"
"take cheena chatti (cooking pan)...put it in the Aduppu(gas stove)..."
"put some coconut oil .... put some kaduku manies.."
"..little curry veppila...(then) kadukuvara kadukuvara ...kadukuvara...
"take vegitables ... put it in"
"put little chilli powder... little malli (Coriander) powder... little curry masala powder.."
"little uppu (salt)...close it...curry ready.. go"

I couldn't find any difference between Urvasi in "Achuvinte Amma" and myself.

At that time Anoop has offered his kind helping hands.

He wanted to make this blog technically perfect. So he doesn't like a single mistake in each post. After he has started editing, he has also vanished from my blog.He took tremendous pain to make it a ongoing success. I almost fainted down when I saw his edited document (with track changes) for the first time. If it were my corrected answer sheet, indian Railways could have used it for stopping a Train !!!!!

If you could see the last few entries as beautiful like a Technical document, it is all his effort. He deserves a BIG CLAP.

Footnote: The above said characters, along with me, share a 1500 Sq. Ft. living space in an old, dingy apartment in Vadapalani, Chennai (They call it Tinsel Capital of South India).
Take a look at Anoop's Blog: adventurekid


Hello Yasj,

Your Editorial board rocks...
Your official filters are doimg an excellent work man..('Arippa' in Malayalam, i guess...Hi.Hi..perils of being an NRI).

P.S: Can you guess who i am? It's a challenge..Ok, i can give you a clue.
Geographically, We share same work location, or making it vivid, i work in the same company as yours.

A fan From Venus

hey joju,

good one...ur posts are getting better day by day ..:-)

To the kind consideration of my fan (From Venus),

Don't make me work like a 'fan'.(enneyittu chuttikkalle ennu churukkam)

Are you my colleague ?!!! I doubt it :-(
Check our intranet and answer this. two numbers are common for my SAP number,
Legacy Employee number and Access Card number. Let me know ur answer.

Thanks, Sush !

and the credit goes to my editorial borad.

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