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Argentina lost against Germany :-(

End of my World Cup 06.


Yah i cant belive that game. Germany "Pandaaradangatte". In my room i am the only one to support Argentina. The rest of them are Brazil. Now they too closed their mouth. I think there is a great chance for Portugal...

But now am not intrested to see any more football. If there is football then its of Argentina. None others could be like them. I missed the play of Messi... Well we could see the next game of Argentina only in Copa America and the next world cup

My wrld cup is also over....
now i will support Italy.What revenge can I do this unfair wrld other than this ?

@Sujith: Argentina played well !! still lost :-(

@neermathalam: Italy is in Final now !!!
Thanks for your visit.

One reason for Argentina's exit is the Goal Keeper. He was keeping for the first time in the WC. The coach wouldn't have expected this! The substitution was very poor indeed. Messi didn't get play and Riquelme was substituted. Seems like the Coach was in defensive mode after the first goal. That cost us the match.

might be...

I guess, we can see a good, matured team in next WC (2010).

Just hopes so

My world cup was also over. So was Dhanush's. So was PP's. Brazil fans @ home were on rampage that day. But still, i feel, Argentina was the best team in the world cup!

@Abhi: Yup; But they are most unluckiest team (in almost all world cup)



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