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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

In my college (Pre-degree) days, I astonished when I got a Christmas greetings from my first crush (DD). It was like a cool breeze. I felt like… Ok njan chalamakkunilla… let expert do their work yaar. Hence, I am copying a beautiful song from John Denver.

You fill up me senses like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses come fill me again.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you, let me always be with you
Come let me love you, come love me again.
-From Annie’s Song ; John Denver.

In short I felt it like I got a letter from Heaven. I had not even talked to her before. But I suspected that she had also a crush towards me. So, naturally I was happy to receive a letter from her. Ambdi kalleee. I rushed to share this experience with my friends. They were also very excited and forced me to write back. They suggested sending New Year greetings to her.

I was much exited. I thought about getting money to buy. If it were for Christmas, it would be easy since I only need to do some minor adjustments while buying the cards in bulk. So, I was so sad. At that time my friend told me that he had a spare New Year greetings card. And he had given it to me. While I was writing the message in that card, suddenly a smiling face of my friend came to my mind. It was unusual.

I rewound all events back. He suspected that I have some feelings towards her much early stage though he is not sure. He was not my close friend. Yet, he knew some bits and pieces. Was this his play? I wound back his smile again and again... yes. There was some crookedness. He was a miser in first place. Still he gave a New Year card. Ok, he may share things with me, I agree. But how come he got a 'spare new year card'? We usually don't send New Year greetings alone!!!

I didn't take much strain to find the similarity of his smile with that of Siddique/Jagadish in "Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran". An old Malayalam movie; Srinivasan was the victim there.

If he didn’t force me to send a card…
If he allowed me to buy the card somehow…

...This blog might be something else.
...There is a minor possibility that she would be mine like in that movie!!!


he he he :)) Joju..u r so funny :-)
Who knows..she might also be thinking like tht..:-D

Good one da....Try ...Try...keep trying until u succed...:)

nee aaalu kollam ello dey...gochu gallan...ammani engil ammani...onnu ping cheythu nokku...echo vanal ok..illengil we ll find someother router ;-)))

@Sush: she might be... thats is why ... she is still unmarried !!! shall I give a try ;-)

@Vijay: :-)

@Praveen: She don't know ICMP protocol, I doubt ;-)



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