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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I do remember the day I first sipped Coke. It was on 1996-world-cup; Ind-SL semi-final. Paid around 60 Rs for 2 bottles and planned to drink after India won. My brother had told me not to wait till end :-( . But I resisted with a comment "Coke will taste more ;-) while India win". unfortunately India lost the match :-(

After a few months I changed my mind to Pepsi and finally stuck in sprite since it is colurless and felt more taste. And I was happy to see that Sprite contains less harmful ingredients (still more enough to trouble humans). Anyway thanks to Plachimada strike against Coke which atleast brought out some naked truths.

On ‘my’ latest new year I had thought about a new resolution and decided to quit Cola.

it is tough to ignore Sprite on each train journey.
I can not add Pepsi to Rum to deduce its intense smell and taste.
What I will drink after a trip or a ‘cricket’ match ;-)

A lot of hurdles!!!

Now I started carrying water along with me in train journeys. (I am used to it nowadays)

Only Soda (or chilled water) to Rum. (it is horrible; so eventually reduced to 1 peg and now not much interested ;-) . But sure I will go back to fulfill my fifth wish

Drinking Soda or tea or even lime juice after a trip. And quit playing Cricket ;-) “eliye pedichu illam chuduka” –its a mallu proverb to narrate the foolishness of burning your house in the fear of rats inside it. People have feeling that they must drink Coke after a cricket match. Or Ad guys think that people must do it. “Piyo siar udakke” ;F*** .

Now I would like to follow Mahatma Gandhi's path of 'The non-cooperation movement'.

"Quit-Cola save water"

Happy world water day!!!


Sir i think u have yogam to drink RUM with me. I hope if the route is clear for me to Noida. Well if that is the case and if i get a 2 week gap then "Chevikku Nullikko" sir i will bring a bottle of RUM(Well i prefer Bacardi or Romanova(vodka)) to Chennai. Sir i have a dream that is we dint took the photo of our get-together. So if my time comes then keep the Camera ready so that we can have those photos.
Well its actually a dream... I know my dream will also become true.

che ee kudiyanmaarude oru kaaryam, cola ozhichu madyam vrithikedakkum..

@Sujith : I was enjoyed sipping a 'glass' of beer with my old student. and sad to miss a photo session. will make it with Rum ;-)

@Dango: u r correct :-) hence stopped mixing pepsi to it. trying to enjoy the 'real' taste ;-)

Hi Joju,

Adkid is back with his naughty creative tricks to woo the readers but no one is turning up. I invite 'george' to my updated blaaaaag.
Supporting the cause, adkid has designed a 'world water day card'... watch it.

Anoop Surendran



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