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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Another surprising event was in 10th standard. Here also the central attraction was a Christmas card. Unfortunately my aunt was there and she happened to receive the Christmas card. She got stunned to see the address.

Nikhitha 'George',
D/o 'George' John C,
xxxx house,
xyz street,
abc P.O.

... She almost fainted. She wondered; how could I have a daughter at that age of 15?

She put me into the 'court' and started cross-vistharam (trails). Even I couldn't believe myself. What I have done? Adultery!!! at that tender age?? Frankly, I was not even sure about the complicated process to become a father. I thought that just sleeping with wife was enough (PS: only with wife). What an innocent boy I 'was' !!!

"I don't have any wife yet. Then it is impossible to become a father!!!" I argued with my aunt.

"Ayyeda... ellam oppichu vannittu ...njan onnum arinjilla (are you acting as innocent after doing all wrong things?) ", she had no plans to leave me.

"enthonnu oppikkan ..(I didn't do anything...)", I was searching for some logic to defend.
"... I didn't slept with anybody", I tried to convince her.

"That was the problem...if you just 'slept' , this will not happen", She confused me.

I was totally lost. I couldn't understand what she was talking about. Her last sentence was contradicting with my beliefs. So I suggested her to read that address again.

Everything in the address was ditto same with my address except my house name. But that too where similar. Both were starting with "Ch..."

Yeah he was staying in the same lane and he had a daughter studying at 8th. Hence I became a father of 8th std girl at the age of 15!!!

However, at the end of that event I got a chance to meet a beautiful girl and her beautiful elder sister. Still both of them exchange smiles remembering all these things.

My name is unique in company's people finder and client's large employee database as well. Yet, we (four of us) share the same name there in my locality. and Nikitha's (that name is fake) father and I share same father's name + initials and was living in same street for some time.


Haha... that was hilarious machaan!

he he :-) ..i just could'nt control myself..this is ur funniest blog till date :)

really really funny one !!! :-D

@Jo: Thanks da

@Sush: :-) Real things are 'really' unpredictable, right ?

Mone - Anyway its a gain-gain scenario - The young lady and her sister!

Nokkyalo machu ;-)



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