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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

what do you think? I've a few close friends, pretty good friends-circle and a very few of them are females. Then if you specifically ask about a 'girl friend' ;the girl who is thinking about me more often and the girl who want to be with me all the time; answer is NOT yet :-(

The girl in the church choir is not at all my girl friend as many people suspect or even she is not a crush to me. that is a mind wakening trick to get up in the morning and goto church. But it is nice to hear that "George, how is your girl in the church choir". A few of them are interested to take responsibility to talk to her about future ;-) and also in a few occasions I just threatened my mother using her name.

To get a girl friend, I need to talk her atleast once. Don't you think so ?

Am I too shy to talk to girls ?
not completely I would say. I think I am a reverse communalist. I don’t mind talking to a Hindu or Muslim girl if I intended to. Then what is the problem with Christian Girls. That to specially Mallu Christian girls. I don’t have any problem with taller or fatter girls too.

So where is the problem of my shyness?

Reason might be...


I suspect that she is made from my own missing rib ;-)


---footnote message or read it as a disclaimer---
My dear 'a few' Christian friends (girls), Don't confuse .. I have no suspect that my missing rib is with you. otherwise as I said I never talk to you. I knew you needn't any disclaimer though :-)

"Kanakam moolam kaamini moolam kalaham palavidham ulakil sulabham"

Dislclaimer: iam not an MCP


When did you lose your rib..?
Mathilu chaadi kadannappol... avar picdichu thalliyappol aano?

pullu ...ninakku manasilayalle !!!

Sheen Menon ( Srinivas Menon) said... April 04, 2006 4:11 AM  

advanced ortho diagnostics say that a missing rib from the 28 odd ones that cover our vitals arent a big deal. A rib there wouldnt do damage to the extend of making life miserable. Thus "she" shouldnt pose as a threat if its the missing rib of yours that matters with her....:-)

It should be certainly big enuf, widl enuf, intriguing enuf for a woman to pose herself on her sex counterpart.
An intangible threat and an undistinguishable anxiety... Thats my description for this particular sex of an homosapien. ;-D



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