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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

...are lazy to wake up before sunrise. we are no exception. So we targeted to watch sun rise.

If you have room mate like 'aith' aka rbk, you need to just wish. he will plan/execute it on the very next possible time.

This might be my 5th or 6th earliest wake up. First one was before 20 years !!!!
I woke up on 4AM to see Pope John Paul II. On February 07,1986 Thrissur was blessed to host the Pope.


Hi Joju,

A million thanks for coining a new name for me(rbk) and it almost resembles the new Reebok(RBK) and you look awesome.

Your quality of writing is improving day by day. Keep going man.

Anoop Surendran

Thanks da.

let us play a 'thanks' game !!!
only one rule; never repeat the previous words ;-)

Dear sir for me its a dream to go to a beach early morning. Carry a cam and take the beautiful sunrise. U r lucky really lucky. Who took the snaps. Is it Shyam. I just suggested his name bcoz of his artistic mind.

Though it happens everyday, only a few are lucky to see it at least once in a while. Others are not even bothered or not knowing the joy of watching it/

This picture is captured by Bijoy who is not at all a less in photographic/artistic talent.

nice photo...How is SUN shines in chennai now? kodum choodu aano?

It is only starting. let us wait for 'kathiri veyil' in May.


When is kathiri veyil supposed to be in MAy.



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