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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Part 1

Part II : Once WE lived there

While walking through the corridor near to chemistry lab, ...oh in fact nothing to remember, we don't have any lab exam for chemistry. Went directly to first floor where once CSEain ruled. we got a nice view to college ground from first floor. The steps(to 2nd floor) near to that remind me the busy final(some times first) preparation for the University exams.

After we moved to new block, it converted to Architecture Block :-( hence we lost a chance to reach the classroom where we studied for 2 years ( or 2 ½ ?) . (adding a file photo on the left side that carries the memories Formals Day ; just for a jada)

then moved to second floor and stuck in front of room number 300. It was locked;hence lost a sure picture;The classroom room with a view to the hills near by AIR; The classroom right above the head of Principal ; We spend our 3rd year almost completely there. had quite a few good photos there. adding one here

The first thing that might come to my college days might be some special 'device' we had. this can not be seen anywhere in the world( not even in museums). Yes it is our and our only college bus... A BENZ before our Independence Day
Once the school kids called it as "kaala vandi" (Bullock cart !!!) while we were travelling through Thrissur round. No wonder; kids have a capability of naming this correctly. Sainabi's Kid ,Jeesnamol, named it as a train after seeing the top view of the bus from 2nd floor, later she expressed her doubts "Umma is this a bus? " !!!
We used to travel in this bus even though there was a new bus in the same route.Yeah We knew its value ;-)

we walked out of the main building and reached near to the tree near to the hockey ground which is better known as Mech Tree. Soon Ranjith PB (the only CEO in the class) and Anupama joined us.

to be continued...


Ente Padangaleduthu Ninte Blogil idunno Thendee ;) Njan Case kodukkum. :)

Eda nalla photokal eduthal iniyum njan publish chaiyaaaam. athinu case onnum kodukendadai... neeyumayulla friendship inte purathu njan athu veruthe chaiyaam

Your part by part explanations are tempting me to craft another one. But we will repeat rt?

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