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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Striking out the first target.

Guys, Are you ready ????

First... a few pending movies;
Rang de basanti, Narnia, Taxi No 9211.


Hi Joju,

Don't just demean your gargantuan cruiser by calling it a 'bike'. Call it a 'cruiser' man. Hope i can see a Joju with Long hair, cowboy hat, Gun-shot jeans, Leather jacket and If you are lucky....a dusky damsel to share ur seat.

Anoop Surendran

title oru Tamil style-il aakkiyatha!!!
Then ..I don't like long hair but a Gun-shot Jeans.
And a dusky damsel is still a dream.

so shortly... your wish is not going to happen in near future :-(
but lose is mine.

footnote: you are making me to use 'WordWeb' a lot.
dusky damsel pollum !!! 8-()
'charakku' ennu Malayalathil paranjal enikku manasilakum.

Naanka Ready - Polam Polam

i beg to differ....

Am afraid the ONLY thing thats "cruiser"-like about the Avenger is its shape. The power aint good enough just yet to call it a CRUISER.

Its a bike and nothing more than that...good bike though....more than decent power.

@BG : Surprised and Good to see your comment. ( hope that you are the same person who is better known as RK in our class).

even if it was a real cruiser, it is just like a Bike for me. I rarely ride it in a speed more than 50 KMH.

And Avenger is the second best cruiser type available in India :-)



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