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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Company celebrated 10year long engineering partnership with our great client. I *must* agree the event organization power of employees here. a week back, the sportday we had celebrated clearly shown the power Scrudees + Admin guys. you know... the best event without the support of higher management is our Onam only. a 40K bash. A good show by mallus with Karala style competitions. This time it is Aparna and KP; mallus again.

All the cultural programs were really good. started with lamp dance... + A fantastic dance by Mina and malar for taal se tal mila. It was a feast for eyes. then a few talks. And here comes the dancer 'Neelu'. It was worth watching once again. A suprub show by Ezhil, he was also there in folk dance with Yassar. then Binny's all time hit, MIME. The stage program was end with a chained Tamil chitramala from 1930s to 2006.

After delicious dinner, one Danppan koothu on the dance floor. "we will...we will rock you" again. Felt like a college day. just forgot myself. I don't know from where the energy came into my vein !!! blasted again with Hindi, tamil fast/slow songs.

Footnote by SMT(a Visteon employee):
If a company provides so much freedom, whatelse you can not do?


kollam...enjoy maadi



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