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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness. this company!!! Joined the company on this date with Pankaj, my X-roommate, X-colleague.

A company in networking field; I have no idea about networking before.
A company with freedom based on trust.
A company on flexi-timing ; I love this. and hate this on other hand.

This company provides me a platform to work on a OS which I never dreamt about.
Unlike my brilliant classmates, I got a chance to use the 'Tool' C.

Though I am in 3rd year, frankly I say I am in 3rd month. Only last couple of month, I started a feeling that I am working for something. Rests of the days are a normal yasj. just fixing bugs !!! Now I have a bit dreams to do something. Let us see.

Ok leave the junk part of it. translating it to a Tamil Way.
Ennada ezhuve.... matterukku Vaada...

Common roomies.... where to go tonight !!!

Off topic:
Happy woman's day to all women readers of this blog.


Hi Joju,

A billion thanks for a sumptuous dinner at Green Park. I will always cherish my first ever dinner from a **** hotel. My apologies for not taking part in the drinking session.(i know that you will love to have a teetotaller in the gang so that it reflets in the bill )

Anoop Surendran



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