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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Exactly 75 year by now. Three youngsters sacrificed their life for our nation. They have a vision ... they have an expectation... Do you value it?

Yesterday Morning I saw their faces on news paper and decided (with in no time) to watch Rang de basanti. Bhagat Singh was my childhood hero (still not much change) . I still remember the scene I was listening my father with wide open eyes while he was narrating his brave stories. I don' think that my eyes were wet while hearing that Bhagat faced his death with a smile. It was further open with pride.

Bhagat... We Salute your courageousness !

The first scene of the movie itself was impressive. Smiling face of Bhagat just before death with a special AR Rahman's music!. Though last scenes are unrealistic, the movie as total with its great theme is marvelous. Aamir Khan as DJ and Atul Kulkarni as Laxman Pandey were excellent though I like the Siddharth’s Bhagath Singh. Because that character is my all time hero :-)


Hi Joju,

As an entertainer 'Rang De Basanti' did a good job. My hats off to Director Rakyesh Mehra. But the theme...i have doubts in it's feasibility nowadays. Nobody cares much about their country insted enjoys their own life without much thought on their fellow being's life. What Bhagat singh did for his country is inspiring and thought provoking. But i am damn sure that not a single Indian youth will dare to do such an act now. Me being one among that huge brigade, I shame to blame them.

Logging off,
Anoop Surendran

Sir i think there are a lot of similarities in our openion. Bcoz i love Bhagath and Chandrashekhar Aazad a lot. The 2 grat freedom fighters of the nation. There was a time i felt that if Bhagath and Aazad were there they would kill the Political Pimps. That's the story of Rang de Basanthi.I dont know what went wrong in Trivandrum bcoz the movie dint played much here. Ofcourse Achanurangatha Veedu was also a flop in Trivandrum.

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