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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

"Lunch ?"
waiting for the response from Gopi.
"yeah... sure but from where"
"ohh akka on leave :-)"
"so let us try in Kerala mess", he selected the place soon.
"But it is 1.5 KM from here"
"pullu...So what...we've your Bike !!!"- he reminded.

ohh man ...I nearly forgot about it. as usual I am thinking how to get Bike from Rave!!! NOW why worry ..needn't wait for somebody's permission :-)

Also the cruiser changed our weekend style from-top-to-bottom.
No need of any plan in advance. just decide and cruise.

Instead of renting CD we went to satyam for Movie Taxi No 9211 (ultimate Nana Patekar movie, worth watching again) and Narnia ( IMO it didn't touched me anywhere :-( might be interesting for children; a few bit and piece of nice work though)

Even I forgot to check mails and got to know Ind-Eng cricket update.

Now I needn't wait for Binny's Bike to go to Church. or to football ground either.

After lunch on Sunday somebody suggested to cruise the beach shores. didn't took a second to decide what to do. I was pretty sure that Rave will also join for long drives. we six went to a local beach, 25KM away from room, with football.
Boy is nice to play football in shore tooo... though not much easy to move on sand, it is fun to slide down for the ball. and bathe in sea. then stand in the cool breeze.

Ultimate trip.


Onnu Pode vere arkkum bike illatha pole ;).

Mone Dangooooo!!!!

I just meant to narrate the difference that happened in my chennai life.
2 years without a bike !!!!

I am pretty late to resolve this problem. but
late better than never :-)

sir beachil poyathu football kalikkan thanne alle? I was kidding. I really enjoyed the life in Chennai. Except for the hot! But the remedy for the temperature is having a good sir like u and some friends like shyam,bejoy,shaju and the other guy i foregot his name...



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