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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Now I got why SMT was waking up atleast by 8 O'clock and why MOON is throwing light at the night. How 9 year old child can understand that Moon just reflects Sun light. If it is so, where is the Sun !!! okkie if your child is facing this problem, rent SMT's room and sleep with balcony door kept open. Kid will learn this theory as the first thing in the next morning. The huge 'Acrot Terrace', near to our flat, shines like a sun. You can not escape from it anywhere in the room.

Last Friday night, I slept in SMTs room with balcony door kept open and SMT was in a bangalore tour, pretended as if he is going for an interview. (his fiancée is in BPL, blr ;-)

Started the day with "Schindler's List". Needn't explain about Steven Spielberg's award-winning masterpiece. Heart touching movie; you can not take your eye from the screen. Even I continue to read the ending titles and all. And a call from 'Jamesbond' number "hutchxx007" brought me into present.
"Gopi !!!! Are you not in the room...I thought you are sleeping somewhere" , I surprise.
"No... I am in the company..what is the plan for lunch today?"
"shall we go Kumarakam then !!!"
"No ... I am thinking in another way ... why can't we cook ?"
"Chicken !!!!"
"No ..I dont like chicken flu worms ;-) what about cooking Fish"- Gopi was so interested to experiment with Fish.
"Fish for the first time ..that too without SMT..I dont think that it is a nice idea", a try to make him think in reverse way.
"Don't worry ...we will cook... with my sister's recipe". he was confident.

We went to Fish market. And felt that 'Ayila' displayed there was looking good. she asked Rs40 for 4 medium sized fish. But we were ready to pay Rs 60 ;-) We were tried to convince her that it looks so fresh to deserve a 60. but she was not ready to agree with that.It seems that she is not interested to waste time by arguing with us. She packed the fish and asked for 45.But we were not ok with that deal. Finally Gopi interfered us; 50 with cutting charge !!! At last she agree with Gopi's suggestion ;-)
Bought some more items in the list and returned back room.

took some turmeric+ chili + pepper + ginger + garlic + salt and put it into mixie.
"George... where are you !!! ..Are you a submarine to vanish as soon as I took my eyes from you.???"
"No da... I am cutting Onion as you said. and my eyes are free to see 'Coming to America'(;an Eddie Murphy movie). Gopye... nowadays you have no faith on me. You see how obedient I am".
"Then who will grind the coconut ?"
"You may do it or use the readymade powder. Don't expect me to remind you all things in your life"
kee kee... kee kee
Ohh reminder to return back the rented CDs ;-)

why long to write!!! (enthinathikam 'parayan')
At last Fish Curry ready ;-)
"Gopye ...Let me taste. "
"Don't taste the fish... check only curry ;-)"
"Dai ..something is missing"
"May not..we followed the list very properly, right".
"Did you switched on the gas stove ;-) ..kidding".
"I think ..we have missed tamarind. "
"Call your Mom and ask what to do"
Finally everything is ready.
On the right time... here comes our kalakaran. :-)



Our master chef (The Shaji) of D-16, K.P. Towers was back in action on sunday with a renewed vigour and passion. But the George really missed his action whcich took him back to his better form and enamoured the tastebuds of the other 2 HCL ites with his culinary skills.

Hey george, you relly missed our shaji's Fish curry yaar. Next time make sure you are here in chennai when our "fire brand communist" try his hands at making "unconventionally RED" Fish curry.

Anoop Surendran

I told you 100 times... Not to praise SMT much in "My Blog" ;-)

Neverthless to say he is a great cook with genuine taste
and my “Guru” in cooking !!!

How did the fish taste finally ?? are u ok after eating it ?? :)

Just kidding :) ur blogs really funny :) continue posting some funny articles :)



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