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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

This is not a 'yet another' entry for the girl in the church choir. but for the lovely choir itself. When I came to vadapalani I started search for a church and got a list of three churches. I felt that the church in kodambakkam is easily findable. went there and saw a beautiful church surrounded with trees and aquarium near by. (Also they built a beautiful grotto recently.)

That might be my forth Holy Mass in my whole life ! yet impressed by the atomosphere and the style of speech and of course the choir. they sang beautifully and though I couldn't follow the lyrics, the theme of the songs were easily stuck in my heart. The synchronization and the usage of words are perfectly matching not to lose the theme. most of them are teenagers and only a few boys.

They have a third generation choir too ! Kids ! less than 10 years old. ohh boy ! you *must* listen them. They are singing right from their heart with full voice they could. And by the advantage of innocence in their heart the theme is crystal clear.

That is the Rejoice !

I had thought that every English Holy Mass is like the same. Once I had enquired to Binny about the Church he goes regularly. It was very near to his flat and he had invited me to that church and I went there next sunday. From then only I had realised that there is something in my previous church and I gave a reverse invitation to Binny(2 KM from his flat). The result is... as far as I know he didn't go to the church near to his flat again (though it is in a walk able range!!!)

If you failed to visit Fathima Church @ Kodambakkam on 9AM, please do watch the English movie 'Sister Act' to know the power of Choir. I did watch this movie Y'day hence motivated to write down this post. Yet another Good movie by Whoopi Goldberg aka Sister Mary Clarence.


My dear sir, after reaching Trivandrum i hardly go to temples(Mostly i dont get time, since i woke up at 8-9 A.M.). When i was in Sreekrishnapuram i do go to Temples.After 8 A.M i don't feel well to go to Temple.



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