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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I had failed to complete my final year project (Can we say that we have started it?). I did a pay back: Did 3 commercial projects to someone with out getting much money.

My teachers taught me about the beauty of indentation (while writing code).
So I forced my students to do it. Even my below average students knew indentation;
ok they may not knew the logic. Sorry dear students, if it was too painful

I had wasted a lot of time sitting idle.
It was a great pain seeing my students idle.
Sorry my teachers, I can understand the pain u felt :-(

I had failed in DS lab; it was my favorite. This is the one and only one failure in University exams. So I wanted to show my lecturer what I was capable of; I become stronger in C.

Hence I sentenced my better students to ‘suppli’ if they didn't perform well(1) (It took a lot of time to decide) Later one of the students came back saying thanks (after their supplementary exam) !!!

Even I was surprised to see their improvement. You must see them; "Sir, This is the algorithm,... this is the program,... this is the output,...and if you are interested, these are the fault recovery mechanism I did !!!" . I could clearly read from their face, "Anything else to do?". Exactly it was my state of mind after my suppli exam(2). But..

Sorry sir, I forgot to thank you for my suppli.

Usually I skip a few portions (in fact, most of the portions) while studying.
But was forced to study the same while teaching.
Sorry students if you couldn't understand it well.

I got a good service in my life. Just Rs10,000 to complete my B.Tech.
I paid it back: I was a teacher in a GEC for one year.
Sorry if I was idle/neglected my students for sometime.

2 and half years I hunted for a job. I mean to get a decent Software job.
2 and half years I enjoyed my life here.
Sorry my dear employer for wasting your time in bloging at your expense.
I'll either quit bloging or your firm or both.
or even I'll start blogging from my home.

I hate people who scores high marks except a few (genius like Gopakumar)
Now I realize that as a student our job is to score marks. You deserve a standing ovation.
Sorry for calling you a ‘Pusthaka puzhu’ (book worm) at that time.

In the first 21/2 years I have upgraded my skills and,
Next 21/2 I’ve spent degrading It.
I feel sorry for not developing anything new as my initiative

I know the problem's of an interviewee; I had faced it a lot.
Still as an interviewer I failed to help them. I could only pointed out their weak points :-(
May be it is not an interviewer's Job to help them. Still I feel too sorry about it.
Hopefully they will grow stronger.

Last but not least:
I had copied from other’s answer paper a lot of times and managed not to get caught
and thought my teachers were fools.
While I was a teacher, I realized why they didn't catch me.(3)

[The End]

(1) "if they didn't perform well": 'well' in the sense I expected at least some output from them. or at least I want their program logically correct.

(2)Most likely my lecturer desired that from me. Be stronger!!!
Sir, did you failed in your exam like this?

(3) There is a word called (student)-self-esteem.

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Joju, I know u r really gr8 at C..Hats of to u !!! :)..

Wish I could ever come upto ur standard :)

U will be my C-guru from today :)

aahaa...ahangaari... nee paavam pillarae examil tholpikum allaeda..nintae chukka mani chetti pattikkittukodukanam :-)

Maashe njaan oru mara mandanaayittupolum enthe enne supply adippikkanje? Engil enne njaan nere aakumaayirunnu. Alle?

@Sush: Thanks..and of course you may approach me with any C doubts.

@Praveen: Chumma tholippikan njan aaruvaa. Pakshe Chumma jayippan njan randu vattam alochiche mathiyavooo

@Sujith: umm... orikkal ninne njan nottamittatha ;-) pakshe nannayi perform chaiyunna oruthane oru teacher-kkum tholppikkan pattilaaaaa



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