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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I don’t know what to write about me. Really confused how to start my Orkut profile.However, here it goes.

I am very talkative.
I like to talk about myself. Ahankaram (self-false-pride). That is why this whole blog exists.
I like to talk about you. Chumma Maniyadi (just praising you). Add some comments please ;-)
I like to talk about my friends. See, my friends are too big guns.
I like to talk about events. Look look look my general knowledge are up-to-date (what does that mean?)
I like to share jokes. Chirikkuka, mattulavare chirippikkuka. (laugh and make others laugh), that’s George’s policy of jokes.
But I am a bit shy to talk to a girl without any reason. Simply, I just don’t know how to kick start a flirting session.

I am very regular in a few things. I am very lazy to do a few things.

My initiative capabilities started challenging me now. Njan vittukodukkilla. I’ll continue as Idle.

I like to play Football very much. Sorry don’t think that it is a World Cup mania. I’ve been playing Football for the last 15 years. In a few occasion I like to travel aimlessly!!! Sometimes, I like to walk for long distance (5 KM at a stretch is my current record).

I love Programming and Teaching as well. If someone offers me a job that demands 4 days programming and 1 day teaching, I’d love to accept it with no hesitation.

I am a bit Orthodox Christian. Reluctant to change religious thoughts.

I believe that I am very versatile, easy to approach. What else? You tell me… Just click on the “comments” link below and help me improve my GK on the subject “About me”

[I am ok even with anonymous comment]


hmm..i dont know much abt ur programming capabilities or ur teaching capabilities..but one thing i know is ur easy to approach and u share a very friendly rapport with everyone...the times we spent "chalu adikufying" in our previois cubicle were niceeven though we just still continues even though we are apart :-)..anyway dont the same...pinae ninakku oru ahangaaram ondu..valliya (or cheriya??!!) bug fixer aanennu..nee thannae oru valliya bug alaedey!!!!!

Nammude blogil vannu comment adichechu angu kadannu kalayam ennu karuthiyo ?? Vidilla njaaan..!!
Ashaane..kollam haasa saahityathinte membodi kalarunnundu thante blogzil..Keep it up.."If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness" was a great title..!!

Humm none can be like u. Well that's true. And perhaps u are the role model for other's !!!!!

You are a good teacher. I like ur teaching methodology.


"Thussi great ho joju maash...."

@Praveen: That was my nicest time here !!! A cube !!! and a Full nut, half nut, a pretended nut and a nut-less.

@Kiranz: Welcome to my small blog. and thanks for your comments.

@Sujith: Thanks officially. btw no more sessional mark in my hand ;-)

Joju..i liked ur description of the cubicle members..just tell me who are these people offline ;-)

Full nut(Anish), half nut(myself), a pretended nut (Ramesh) and a nut-less(you ;-).

Hi Joju, i liked ur descriptions. I don't know you are a good programmer or teacher .. but you are a good friend. Previously I never bother to go thru ur blogs, now I am free.. :-)



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