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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Picking up Dhanush's Tag.

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. Software Engineer : on going
2. Teaching: Guest lecturer at GEC and Ad Hoc at NIT(very short time): 4 years back
3. Librarian: 5-10 years back
Not as a profession ; yet a nominal amount I received just for Tea; chaayakaasu thadanjirunnu.
4. White hair pluck-er; around 15-20 years back;
Thanks to all my uncles who hates hair dye :-)

Charge: 5 paisa for a single white hair.
Speed: 14 hairs in a minute (depends on uncle's head ;-)
Max Fouls: 6 in an hour.
plucking two or more hair at time considered as foul !!! (it was painful for them)
and plucking a black hair was a serious foul. need to pluck 5 white hair to compensate.

managed to buy poppins, ice-sticks, panjaramittai, naranja satthu.

4 films I could watch again and again:
4 x 4 x 4 is better yaar.
I am a movie craze.

see my profile for a short picture.
Or follow this link for a mad picture;

4 places I’ve lived in:
1. Thrissur (23 years)
2. SKP (one year)
3. Calicut (one month)
4. Chennai (2 years)

Ohh man where is my one year gone. lost :-?
May be lost in this bloging ;-)

4 TV series I like to watch:

1. TV is a waste of time and it is a Devil's box ;-)
2. Comedy programs like 5-star-thattukada
3. Friends and Pogo
4. TV Malayalam junk Serials just to irritate Ammachi.

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
1. Ootty,
2. Kodaikanal
3. Munnar
4. Again Ootty, Kodaikkanal, Munnar (loop 2 times)

4 websites I visit everyday:
1. gmail, yahoo mail boxes
2. My and My Blog-mates sites.
3. NDTV , rediff at the time of Cricket
4. ICICI. (lakshagalude thirimarikal; playing with millions)

4 books I’d love to read again and again:

Not a reader at all. only a (blog) writer
Not yet completed a English novel with more than 300 pages
Yet taking the advantage of an old librarian
1. I like detective novels. Completed all Agatha Christi/Sherlock Holmes novels I believe.
2. A few dramas
3. a few Malayalam classics
4. Famous Five. Only I know how I finished this series.

4 favorite dishes:
1) Chicken any format. Chicken biriyaani is easily available.
2) Fish Curry With Kappa or Appam
3) Beef curry with any eatable (later is an optional)
4) Kanji with
a. PayaruKari + any pickle preferably Mango pickles
b. Chembu/Kappa + Curd + any pickle

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
1. At Home.
2. At Goa.
3. At Chennai for longer time. !!!
4. Switzerland or Singapore or UK or Dubai.

4 people I’m gonna tag:
1. Sujith
2. Anoop
3. Tanuja
4. anyone may take this


Hair Pluck-errr.. :-)) Hilarious man!!!


Thanks Joj for doing this.

I wonder how you being an ex librarian still not reading English Bokks :(

Favorite Dishes .. mm yummie..

Good One da .. and A Good Blog Template too

My dear "Maashe", the dishes --- kanji with lots of combination. Humm vaayayil thoni odikkam. Athrakkum vellam undu(Blog vaayichathinu shesham). The template u had selected for ur blog is fine. And its really attractive. Keep it up...

@Jo: :-)
It was nice to recollect. you know, we kids started that job with 1 paise per hair.
and got hike regularly and reached upto 5 paisa. what a hike rate !!!

@Dhanush: Actually thank you for giving me a chance to recollect my past.
Librarian-ship was not because of my interest to read, but to renew it.
was just an administrator with the duty of Librarian :-)

@Sujith: yup..konji enthinteyum koode pokum. ippozhum (shaji vaka) kanji kodikkanulla bhagyam !!!

i am sure u had to quit the white hair plucker job aftr he had no more hair, rite?

on a diff note: i am fine, though shaken. thanks for the enquiry dear.

You into my ICICI account? Dey dont take that 49 crore that I have set aside to buy gas muttayi! ;-)

Well taken tag!!

Shaji's Kanji should be superb. Annathe Chicken curry - yum yum. How can i foreget. Well that was a nice time with u people.

pluckin hair!!!!!..Lol cant get weirder..reminds me of those chimps at tvm zoo..hehehe!!! ;)

@DewDrops: Not exactly; it was their cost cutting. They felt that it was better to use hair-die than recruiting us. We demand more and more ;-)

@Abhi: Sure ;-)

@Sujith: Nee kappalirakkaruthu please ;-)

@Mathew: :-)

Maashe "venamengil chakka verilum kaaykkum".
So Kappalum aakaam. Pakshe maashu paranjathu kondu maathram. Only becoz of that i wont try for it!!!



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