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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

A 4 and half year old boy was watching his father doing slight-hair-dye-touch using a hair-dye-brush.He was confused to figure out why his dad is doing this? Yet he didn’t ask anything.

Next day he took one brush and dipped into his_own_made_mud_water and he started ‘beautifying’ his hair. His father was surprised to see this and didn’t realize what exactly he was doing. So he went near to him for a closer look.

That poor father got angry not only because for his kid playing with mud …but also for…
it was his tooth brush !!! Even his dad suspects that he might have dipped same brush into toilet to imitate their servent, who cleaned it on previous day!!!

This Kid is also famous for his Reverse offer and for imitating one dialogue perfectly just-in-time.


ha ha ha ha...paavam Anish :-)First i thought it was u..pinnae aloojichapool..ninaku athrakku budhi illannu manasilayee ;-))

midukkan !!!



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