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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It was a bit surprise for me that John Bhai too has started blogging. More surprise was that he started on the same date I planned to hibernate. (Due to the blog ban and other reasons I postponed it to today.)

Avan blog ezhuthan ullappol njan enthinnu? (If he has a blog, I don’t need one). Because my blog mainly tells about myself. The same you may read in his blog here and there.

His first entry itself is narrating an abstract of his life. He was very lazy, he says. But not exactly. Yeah, he might be lazy in his studies, but he was very active in a lot of other things. He found difficult to score an average mark in his B.Tech, but he was the topper in his higher studies. That is the difference between being a day-scholar and in "far far away from home". He has only limited friends there. No extra activities there. His hobby was to study the quality of materials.

So now, at my age he is the head of Quality Dept. directly reporting to the chairman of a leading construction group. He wants to tell something to his friends that how his Day-light-Dreams converted the 'lazy' person in him to achieve something in life.

Yup, I too started dreaming... to achieve something in my life!!!

So my scheduled shut-down of this page is going to happen today. I'll be back only after achieving something.



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