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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I am already declared that I am a (born) Argentinean fan. One reason might be Maradona and his magic performance stuck right in the heart. Other reason is their fair play and the beauty of their pass. Is that Burden?

Not exactly, but I hate to see Brazil winning. I hate to see they playing well (ok leave this WC). I hate to see all other good teams. I always wanted to see Argentina on the winning side!!! Is it not a burden?

Yes. I failed to see the good game by others. I always tried to find mistakes of Rolando (I hate him from the very beginning of his career since he is scoring (just) goals. Though Ronaldinho was my favourite player, I am trying to compare him with the cool minded Argentinean play maker Riquelme. I like to watch only Messi, not interested in Rooney. I like Maxi Rodríguez not C. Ronaldo of Portugal. I don’t even bother about Totti and tony of Itali. I like Argentiean defender Ayala not Cafu; just because he is playing well!!! It is a question mark against my sportsman spirit. Is that not a burden?

I like to call Brazil as a gang of Old men. See this mimicked poetic line to explain above said. Vayasanmar oru koottam niranju brazilil.(they proved it in this WC too). I spend enough time to demotivate Brazil fans trying to find out the mistakes of Brazilian waves.

In the first QF, Argentina lost against Germany. Though I was afraid of it before, the match result pushed me into absented mind of next day morning. Is it not a burden of fan? I have no idea How to defend Rave, a blind Brazil fan. Many time I argued with him in a single point.
“Brazil might be a group of Great Players, but that is not a big thing until they played well”
“Yaar Brazil is like that only. They will play well only against good teams”
“Why can’t they play well against other teams?”
“Even without it Brazil can win”
…it goes on like anything… as face to face debate …as long mails… as forwards … as chat box..
Is it not a burden of fan?

Even sometimes I afraid that this fight might affect our friendship badly. Somebody… somewhere is playing and we are scarifying our friendship !!!. Just for no reason. Ohh Man.

Ok see the other side.
After Argentina lost I thought that it was end of my WC!!! But it was not. Actually my WC starts from that. I didn’t feel bad about Germany. Argentina played well, but not good in Penalty. German goalkeeper, Lehman was good enough to beat two Argentinean players.

I was not interested in Italy since they narrowly escaped from Australia. But even without that penalty Italy could have defeated them in extra time. They played well against Ukraine.

I was able to enjoy Portugal’s fight against England. I hate England’s irritating defensive play. So for a moment I supported Portugal. Ricardo’s 3 saves in Penalty was marvelous.

Before Brazil VS France match, let me introduce my family. My brother, Raju, is a Fan of small small teams. In his words he took enough pain to make Ukraine upto QFs. Now he is on France side since they are small compared to Brazil? My father, A Brazilian fan.
My mother supports India ?!!!
“Mom, India is not playing in WC”, I tried to convince her that we were not even qualified to play in WC.
“So what ? it is not my fault. It is yours, youngster’s, fault not to make India in WC”, she became ‘philosophical’.
Entammo Pidichathinum valiyatha Alayil (1),Hence I step backwards.

I am a neutral viewer. To Support my brother I reminded my father about 98 Finals. I reminded him that France played well against Spain (Raju ‘support’ed Spain a lot at that game ;-). And to support my father I reminded my brother, Brazil play well just in time” (Copied this words from Rave).

After first 30 minutes of that match, I watched Zizsu’s magic performance and gave a warning signal to my father.

“ingane poya Brazil tholkkum” ( There is a fair chance for Brazil to loose this game). I tried to provoke him.

He seems cool, “Yeah, I too doubt about Brazil now.. but Brazil… they can’t…hope so..let us see..”
Look at his reply… he was in a bit tension while I was cool. See this is the burden of a fan.
Even I feel a bit sad to see the last Latina American country’s exit from the tournament. But I enjoyed France’ game well. See I am free from the burden of a fan.

Germany Vs Italy: My mind was with Germany since they played almost all game well compare to Italy. But I didn’t surprise to see Italy’s victory. Aaru jayichalum thottalum enikkentha (I don’t mind who or who lost). It is none of my Business.

France Vs Portugal: I was confused to whom to support. Both are playing well. But my mind was with Portugal. They played well. Yet lost. What is it to me?

Now waiting to watch The Final: Italy Vs France
I doubt about France’s capability to penetrate the Italian defense.
If Zidane misses the ball … Italy will kiss the WC.

Footnote (1):
Pidichathilum valiyatha alayil:
It is a mallu phrase to indicate that more troubles ahead.
Background: we killed a snake and found a snake hole nearby.
We are expecting a snake of same size inside that hole.
Unexpectedly it might be a bigger one.


entamooo... enikku vayyaa ...avantae oru explanation for the mallu phrase..

me to man..big time argentina fan!!!

Vamos Vamos Argentina..

PS : You have been Tagged...

You are spot on! Vamos Vamos Argentina...Ole...ole oh oh!

Abhi, Thanks for all of your comments.

Jeethega jeethega Argentina Jeethega!!



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