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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It is a technical term to indicate that some dirty process is using the CPU for a longer time. Different people take different actions to solve this issue. Some might crash the system itself, a few intelligently kill that nasty process alone and allow other process to continue.

Yeah, My CPU is facing a serious CPU HOG issue. And that dirty process is nothing but this blog!!! My lovely blog !!!. I am neither cruel to allow myself to crash nor to kill this blog. So I am moving this blog to Suspend mode.

And here are my re-invoke criteria:
1) At least two technical journals in any Linux Magazine
2) 50 puzzle posts in my C-Puzzle blog
3) Close double the number of bugs targeted per month.
4) Complete my long term dream, A spell checker for Malayalam language
5) Visit not to a single blog in continuous 30 days.

If I could do any of these, I’ll resume “Yet another Software Junk”.

A few of my friends want me to start a Malayalam blog. They hope that it will good with my Thrissur slang. But.. I’ll start a Malayalam blog, if and only if I could complete the 4th one in above list.

On other hand, a few remarkable comments from my good friends influenced me to take this action.
Anoop: "Why can't you blog something useful; informative?"
Melvin: "Don't waste your life in blogs"

Exceptional case:
(1) Before my marriage; I might be publishing the status my bachelor-ship wish list .
(2) If I get bored, I’ll add index or categorize my old posts.
(Please)Don't ask me why a dead blog needs an index? (Chattha kunjinnu enthinaa jathakam?)

Till then, Bye.

----tail note---
This is my 163rd post in this blog. (Includes 8 unpublished drafts)
It acts as my diary. (98% true to my knowledge)
Silent agenda of this blog was to improve my language.

Using IP addresses, I found that around 20 people are regularly reading this blog and I do not know who they are? It would be great if you just leave a comment with name; I hope that you will consider my request.


Nee illathe ee bloglogam aarku venum...

edaa.. Nee enne oru villain-akki alle? Painting me as a guy influencing you to stop blogging? Neril kaanumbol edutholaam.. Pinne.. I am one amongst those 20 whom you were mentioning.. So this comment :)

blogworld with out you will be like a sky with out stars..
--Same Anon

eda Joju..i was also one among the list of 20. Hmm it was nice reading ur blog all these days..anyway do inform me when u start writing again

Nee ethu niruthiyal chavity kootum jnan..........uuuuhhhhhhmmmmmmm
- John Bhai

You're quitting??? Anyways, hope to see you back. Always remember blogs is not for popularity or such. :-) Just be yourself. Write for yourself.

A spell checker for Malayalam language - That will be great man! Looking forward to that.



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