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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

From my childhood itself, I dreamt of having a pen friend like my father had. They exchanged coins and stamps each other. Hence he got a few Malaysian, Singapore, French coins etc. So I wished if I had a pen friend !!!

My ‘command over’ Queen’s language from my birth forced me to think reverse. I never thought about a pen-friend like relationship even while I had started the blog. But now I am realizing that I have a few friends in the net :-)

I happened to see this blog somehow and was impressed by his voice. I had never seen him before but familiar with his voice. And he might not have imagined how I looked like. But he knew what all things are happening in my life through my blog. Within a few days we became friends and was surprised to know that he is also sharing my home town.

Last weekend I went home and decided to meet him. He agreed with in no time. Hence we met at our ‘default’ meeting place, City Centre. That place is very easy to access and in the center of the City. He was very cool and friendly. And you may read his opinion about us.

After reaching home I realized that I accomplished my childhood wish for a ‘pen-friend’. Sharing coins might be pointless but we share our viewpoints about many things.


After reading this i came to realize a say in Punjabi: "Tussi great ho Joju". My command in Queen's language(njaan parayaathe thanne arinjukoode), aah u are far better than me.



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