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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Stunned to see your brutal heading 'performance'. In a second how could you become a devil?

Though I was on Italian side, I wished for French victory (for a moment) !!! …I would like to see you in dressing room watching your team carrying WC. That punishment may not be enough. Saala.

I am too sad. another Burden of a fan :-(


I was so fumed seeing what he did.

Being a great Penalty Kicker and knowing this game wud go to PKs atleast for his team he shud have let it go.

what way to retire

Super cool template boss! Looks so neat and nice.

That was from me. :-D

Humm whatever team wins or fails...

Suji will support one and only one Team. The team with lot of skillful players....

Its none other than :::::


mm..that was so bad na...:)

But frankly, this game is so rough, ppl just keep bumping onto each other !!! :-)

@Thanu: yes, it hurts his fans. A black mark on his carrer.
He may not mind it since 14 other red cards caught him for various reasons.
Still he is the best. A magical performance against Brazil is enough to prove his talent.

@Jo: Thanks Da!
You may check this one for good templates.

@Sujith: Argentina is well known for fair play.
But they got angry against Frings(no:8) after they lost against Germany.
He is the (only) one who got Red card after the match for starting this madness.

Most of the (best) players are from streets. So we may expect this from anybody
If they happen to hear somebody calling their sister as pro.
But Zidane forgot that it was a trap set by Italians.

Result… See Mr.Zidane, this girl started hating football :-(
nobody is expecting this behaviour from a great player.

he he :) Joju, I was never too fond of football :) I prefer games like tennis :)
Anyway, accepted Zidane is a great player :)

Ayyo... ;-)

Tennis is a cool game.



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