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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I do admit the Communist on one thing (most likely only on one thing). They contribute a lot to remove communalism. And most admirable was their fight against Ayitham (untouchability). That in turn was a fertile soil to many other revolutions.

My Question to myself is (You may ask the same to yourself too).
Am I free from untouchability?

Untouchability between rich and poor. (beggars are also human beings; It is not his fault that he was born to a poor family and ‘Myself’ in a better one)

Culture to ‘Cultureless’ (Usage of fork and spoon doesn’t mean that it is the best culture)

Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarians (Phaah… eating dead-bodies)

Communists to ‘boorshua’ (bourgeoisie) [they think that rich men have no right to live in this world]

Handsome/beauty to ugly [Are they vanaras (monkeys)]?

‘Decent’ fellows to Drunken. (These decent fellows never mind a person who fell down on road-side thinking that he is drunk. He might be dehydrated, on other hand :-(

KFC-iers to ‘Thattukada (street-shop)’-iers (Uncultured fellows; not humans at all !!! But puzhukkal (worms)

White to black (A few people are reluctant to sit near by black/not-fair people in a bus; a few might be thinking that what does this bus means :-?)

Did you find anything similar to untouchable near to you?

Finally everything categorized as two streams: Rich and poor.

I found two type of religion there exists no ‘untouchables’.
Smoker’s Religion: They do not mind to share same cigarette.
Boozer’s Religion: They do not mind to share same chalice (in case of shortage).


very true Joju !! I could relate to a few of those u mentioned !!

the foot note...i just love it...its true

I think the biggest lesson I ever learned is" that you are not above anyone,nor below anyone"...

@Sush: it is all happening around us.

@Praveen: :-)

@immigrant: yup... all are equal.



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