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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

…about this blog is …

On Googling “Nayinte Mon”; you could see that the first hit is my blog. Try searching my full name. Google found this page as 4th preference.

On an unnecessary moment(oru aavasyavum illathe), I shared this fact with my roomie, Gopi a.k.a Bijoy. In a split second came the following comment,

“enthayalum karyam nadakkunnudallo; Google-nte oru power” (Anyway Google is spotting the exact one !!!)

I wonder even after 160 blog posts I didn’t mention much about a person who was with me for more than 7 years. Yup a sentence about Bijoy.

He usually opens his mouth to have ice-creams and to crack jokes. The similarity or difference between these two things is…

He is capable of eating ice-cream till the shopkeeper kicks him out. On the other hand, his jokes might make you laugh for the whole day.


Paadilarunnu Kunje .. Padillarunu...
Enkilum Engane Ninakku Bijoye Marakkanaayi.. Nammude onnuichu kalichum padichum Cheeladichum Nadanna aathe Bijoy Mon MC ye ... Che .. Maha Mosham..
Ithinu Maappilla

i did a google search to check it..chiri vannittu vazhaa!!!



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