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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

“If my kadinjool (first born) were a girl, it would have been nice; she would have helped me in everything”, My mother still believe so. Was it my fault being her first offspring?

“Pinnee (you are day dreaming lady…) you have a daughter, and I had never seen at any point that she is helping you… moreover what you will do, if your first born were a girl?, Do you have any money for dowry? It was your luck that I was born instead”, It is very easy to sideline a village born woman, yeah my dear Mom!!!

Leave my Mom’s dream; sometime I wished truly, if I had an elder sister!!!

As Anoop says I could enjoy a peg with my Aliyan (brother-in-law ;-)
And could have tried an old mallu saying - “ayilathala thala aliyannu polum kodukoolla”(1)

In my childhood; I got a good raging sessions from my cousins and uncles. Whenever they get a chance, they used to tease me (2). So it was quite natural that I always had fights with my cousins. Since they are one or two years elder to me, it was quite usual that I was on loosing side. But later I managed to learn how to tackle them. The saddest part was that whenever I was about to win in the fight, their elder sisters (3) would have jumped in and saved them. And ‘George’ became a “dash poya Annan”(4)

Yup at that time I wished if I had an elder sister; she could have saved me on my lost battles.

If I had an elder sister…

…I may give my assignments to her to do. [in a few occasion, my younger sis offered her helping hand on exchange for some toffees]

…I would have known a woman’s attitude and their pulse more clearly in a course of time. (Then my “respect-women” and related stuff might be something else ;-)

…she would have been a soothing presence during my toughest times.

…I could be her body-guard-kind against those who disturbing her. [Bhagyam; ellavarum koodi enne eduthittu perumari akke pulivaalayenne(lucky me….you wont see ‘George’ in the current shape then)]

…Of course I can exchange my responsibilities to her as eldest. Still inherited properties would be mine ;-) ente oru karyam; ethra niswartha nishkalanka puthran.(What an innocent, un-selfish fellow I am !!!)

In a few occasion, I thought if ‘this’ lady was my elder sister.
First one was my elder cousin. If she were with me, I could have win all battles [But her hubby is a ‘decent’ fellow..saaala he didn’t even smell alcohol; so eliminated her from my sis-wish]

My Colleague’s Wife: She is so caring.
My friend’s elder sister: She is very motivating.
A lady I saw in a restaurant: she is dressing sensibly.

A couple of others I saw here and there. They impressed me in their confidence; They walked like they rule the world, but humble in their talk/face.

Footnote: What will be my bro / sis thinking about me?
Would it be something like, “I have an elder brother; what is the use:-?”

(1) Ayila (fish) Fry is considered to be one of the most delicious dish in most of the Kerala families. So we may not interest to share its best part, head, even with our brother-in-laws.

(2) Frankly it helped me a lot in later stages of my life to defend my emotions.

(3) Elder brothers do not mind these fights;, fight-win-and-prove kind of attitude. A few will jump in between irrespective of his own brother’s winning probability.

(4) Another proverb that says about a state where in which we don’t know what to do


yeah even i wished that i had an elder sister..hmm..pinnae oru doubt..regarding (4)...ninakku ippozhum aa gathi thanna allae ;-))

Ningalkkokke thallukoodaan oru aniyathi engilum ille? Ente kaaryam athilum parithaapakaram...

Eppozhum aashikkum oru chechi oru aniyathi or Chettan or aniyan undaayirunnengil...

Kashtam Eeshwarane paranjaal mathiyallo...



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