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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

After “Respect Women” and “Food for -scarf- thought”, a few people think that I am
an Anti - feminist. No fault in it, since the contents were directly targeted the female brigade. But how could I turn against a gender which includes my dearest Mom and my Sis who calls me Chetta (bro) with all her love and respect.

But I strongly hate those people who exhibit sex in the public. Ok I am going a step backwards. What is it to me if somebody is arranging a free show?!!! But a few wants the same in religious places (church) too.

Mind you, One and Only once Jesus got angry, Bible says. Why he became so angry to

“Cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of money exchangers, and the seats of them that sold doves”?

“and said unto them, It is written, My house is called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves

Hope you will not make him angry for converting the “house of player” into the ‘ramp of models’!!!

PS: This is applicable for both the sexes who wear ‘revealing’ clothes and those ‘6 pockets’ inside a church.

Ok I am going a step backwards. If you (1) dare to wear such things in your official meetings with your Boss (Chairman, CEO etc.); yup… “Do whatever those make you to concentrate on prayers?”

(1) Under assumption that you are not a CFO or COO ;-) hope you are just an officer or below.


1: abt jesus getting angry
It was at the synagogue..not a church, and it is a tradition where jews visit the synagogue and offer sacrifices.
The shops/sellers were there selling the items because, those jews who lived far away couldn't walk with their offerings, they preferred to buy it..
Jesus wasn't angry because they were selling, he was angry because he fealt, there is no point in offering a sacrifice, if you are living in Sin as the jews were going away from their religion9 (the reason why god send Jesus!)

Secondly I also wants you to see that even Jesus acted just like any of us.. he also can get angry! He is not infalliable.

Thirdly: jesus never said, come in to my church wearing a purda!because again you are going back to the basic reason why jesus got angry.. U can wear a purda and still live in sin!
Why do you get so concerned about clothes that a woman wear? Why does it bother you so much? Why do you mix religion and attire?

Just a question back!!!

Why are you going to Church?

Why do u need to know? What has going to church got to do with your argument about Jesus's getting angry??

When you make up ideologies based on half baked knowledge, there is a need to write about historical facts. Read the bible, learn the bible, study the bible then try to understand the bible. Don't just say that Jesus did this or that, and we should do this or that.
We live in the 21st century. Tht is a good 20 centuries after the bible has been written. Some of the things mentioned in the bible is irrelevant to our time. And also, education allows you to think broadly. That man and woman are equal, and man has no business to tell a woman what she should wear. Period.


Jesus got angry may be beacuse of Money transaction. or he may not interest in 'fake' offerings. Two arguments are well published amoung Christians till date. (yup I didn't research on Bible to find loopholes to prove whatever we do is correct)

I guess, we are going to church for praying, offering our life to God in a symbloic manner. not for fashion show, definitely. that was my priliminary aim while blogging this!!! I do not want to tell you (or I am nobody to tell you) to wear this or not wear this. it is all upto the person to decide!!!

Don't you think, we need concentration to pray?
Don't you think, colourful/attractive dresses might disturb other's focus?

If it is so, Don't you think revealing dress(1) distract other's mind.
Common, we are living in social setup. I hope you will mind others too.

The meaning of simplicity, humble..etc not changed still. that is the core of christian life.

back to bible!!

Why Jesus Got angry. doesn't he infalliable?
The core of Christianity is the belief in Jesus that He is THE GOD. Hence He can not do the mistake. There might be some reason for getting him angry. If we couldn't understand the reason, it doesn't mean that he is not infallable!!! We are just human beings. Does that Doctorate make you think that humans are capable of doing/understanding everything. (PS. Don't take it personal; my intention was not to hurt you; but to ask whether this 'education' make people think GOD is infalliable!!)

I do not need to know why 'you' are going to church. (you took it as personal, I afraid)
It was a general question. I meant a plural'you'; sorry my english is not so well :-(
(I am using editors to publish my blog; but while commenting, it is my own english)

Now if somebody is thinking that Jesus is not GOD... then the question is
why 'you' are going to Church?

Does that make sense?

(1)what I meant by revealing is that unhide the sexual parts; some type of dress might reveal for somebody; the same dress may not reveal anything for someone else. it depends on the body of a person. it is not a problem of dress as such.

I guess no Christian is using Purda. Yup Hand is not a sexual part. All men and women do have these thing. But a few things are not common. don't you think so? So my intension was to suggest women to cover those. Is that clear?

Simple fact.. Jesus is born as a jew, lived as a jew, studied at the synagogue, prayed at the jewish synagogue, died as a jew, buried as a how come after his death we have an all new religion??
Religion is as far as you want to beleive it.. It is not a 100% proof system. When did it say tht only those who beleive in Jesus can go to church?? I go to the indian temple.. I go to Gurudwara, I go to Chinese temple..So what is your problem that I go to church?
Nobody at the chinese temple asked me if I believe in Buddha? No one at the Sikh gurudwara asked me, no one at the hindu temple too asked me tht.. But you asked that, because you are enraged that, your own kind( suriani kristiani) is questioning your belief.. right??

Abt distraction.. When you go to church, especially in India, men and woman sit on either side.. so you should be looking in front and see what the preist is doing aat the altar, not sideways!!! If you want to look sideways, don't go to church. Remember you are going to pray, not to check the chicks! You can't have the cake and eat it too.. you want to pray, check the chicks and then escape the gulit as well... that is called MCP act..Again don't take it personally..but if you get distracted, perhaps it is you, who needs to learn the act of self control..
BTW:I don't take anything personally..

enikkonnum manasilaavunilla...

Palliyil varunnathu Jesus ne aaradhikkan allenkil pinne enthinu varannam?
Chumma palli kaanano!!!
Atho 2000 varshamaayi nadakkunna Khurbana enna naadakam kaanaano?

enthenkilum chaiyoo ente ponne ...
ninte viswasam ninne rakshikkatte!!!

---signed off---

jesusne aradhikkan povunna payyan enthina penpillare (VAYUM)nokkune??? AvArenthu vesham aa ettekkunne ennu nokkunne? Enikkum manasilavunnila ente kunjaniya

I guess some explanation is required abt religion

Archeological evidence (as far back as 3000BCE [Before Common Era]) from the Punjab and Indus Valley suggesting that Hinduism is indeed the world’s oldest religion.
The Vedas were written in 1500BCE. Moses recorded Torah in 1400BCE.
604 BC – Traditional birth date of Lao-tzu, founder of Taoism.
588 BC – Traditional birth date of Zoroaster's revelation.
c. 563 - c. 483 – Buddha, founder of Buddhism, is alive.
551 - 479 – Confucius, founder of Confucianism, is alive.
c. 540 - c. 468 – Mahavira, founder of the Jains, is alive.
c. 200 – The Bhagavad Gita, important Hindu text, is written.
6 or 4 - c. A.D. 30 – Jesus of Nazareth, founder of Christianity, is alive.
Christians say only those who believe in Christ would enter heaven, then what happend to all those before Christ came?
Jews say only they would enter heaven, then what will happen to those hindus who believed in hiduism before Judaism arrived?
Muslims say only those who believe in islam goes to heaven.. Then what happens to all the Christians, Hindus and jews?
hat will happen to native indians, who never even knew what hapend in the east(Christianity, Islam etc are all originated in the east).. Will they be denied a ticket to heaven?

I wouldn't want to go to heaven if it is going to be an exclusive hindu heaven, muslim heaven, Christian heaven etc..And I don't think I need to beleive in one particular god either.. as each one say the same thing in different versions!

Enthinee Tharkkam ?

@yasj: Njan thangalude blog vaayikkarundu. enthinannu sthreekalude veshavithanathil aakulanavunnu? Avernthenkilum dharikkatte!!! Mind your bis.

@Immigrant in Canada: Oru unmarried man -nu 'house of prostitute' il maathram kaanan kazhiyinna karyagal Aaraadhanalayathilum kaanikkanamennu entha ithra nirbandham?

This is my first and last comment in this blog. hope you both will take it positively.


@Joseph: Thanks for your Advice.

inganeyokkeyaannu oru tharkkam thudangunnathu !!! :-(

Thanks for your first comment too.



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