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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

After reading my penultimate year bachelor-ship wish-list, a few of my friends congratulated me over phone.
“Why?”, I was confused.
“You found your girl?!! Who is she? Where is she from?”, They were very happy.
“No no no… not yet” I tried to make things clear.
“Then why you put a word “penultimate”. Doesn’t it mean you are going to marry next year?”
“Ohh man … “, I wondered

So I decided to post this one to clarify:
My Primary Wish: I want to get married next year!!!

Folks, what do you think?

If I happened to find a girl, my wish list will be like following.

1) Find 10K every month to pay BSNL bill.

2) Find one hour (somehow) to publish at least one blog per month. And the content being.. “My Girl…LoL for all her poor jokes…guha guha guhah….ente oru avastha..!”

3) Divert my Recurring account (Money saved for Himalayan trip) for buying the most essential things in like teddy bear, toys, ice-cream, chocolates...
Hopefully I will visit all bakeries in the metro.

4) Chit-chat with her, go to movies with her instead of
a) Fly to Goa with Mel, Vikas, Dhanush, and Bijoy.
b) Drive my car from Thrissur to Chennai. Now I need permission only from my father to drive long distance. Guess a situation where in I require permission from her, her father, her mother & her little brother…:-?

I’d never thought that I would demand my parents to delay the search for my partner. Every time I visit home, they say that “see this girl, 5’1”, she is from Elthuruth(1), good family, working in TCS, Chennai (Ohh man… next building to my office), interested ?”

“First, what about my 640 KM drive? I’ll not look into that photo until that drive”

In fact, I am afraid to see her photo....; If that photo stuck right into my heart, Then !!!
Ellam kazhinjille (that will be the end of my freedom ;-)

(1) Elthuruth is my nearest parish and in my friend’s opinion he couldn’t see a below average Christian chick there.


"Divert my Recurring account (Money saved for Himalayan trip) for buying the most essential things in like teddy bear, toys, ice-cream, chocolates..."

and Roses ??? :-D

I wish, u get married soon :)) ...who is tht poor girl going to be :))

"I need to get permission form her..her father..her mother..and her little brother(????!!!!!!) .."..he ...he eda monae..araada aa little brother ulla pennu...gochu gallan..nadathu nadathu ;-)

Thrissur Shakthan standil ninne elthuruthilekke enganeyame pokuka?

hahahaha..that was one funny post..
sadly no one gets to hear these sad male plights!!!

Athu Shari Machu, Appo El-Thuruthu pallee vachu kettu

@Sush: Do you think Roses are also important?
Ohh man... Then I need to divert the money saved for my Goa trip too.
See I am very caring. I am sacrificing my wishes for her tiniy tiny pleasures!!
Lucky, right ;-)

@Praveen: As I said, If I happened to find a girl, you may not see this blog at all.

@Anon: Makane Deepak Jose, Elthuruthil niraye Christian penkodikal undennu vachu
nee malapurathu ninnum avide vare pokenda valla karyavum undo?
Nalla adi nattil kittille?

@Mathew: Thanks,
What to do yaar!! lets hope the best.

@Gopu: Avar enne onnu chorinju nokkunathalle!!!
Elthuruthannu... best familiyaanu... nalle kuttiyannu ennokke paranju!!
Njan vittu kodukkumo?...atho vittu koduthalo!!! ;-)

Hey any way complete ur penultimate wishes first. And then go for the marriage Dhamaka. And by the way let me ask u a simple question. I mean its a doubt, will we miss our Himalaya trip. Aah after marriage also its possible to na...(Just kidding)

Sure :-)



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