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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Though I don’t possess a visa to fly Italy, I visited ‘Little Italy’ yesterday. Sush invited me for a dinner along with Rave; what to do yaar, Rave has become such a nuisance to her nowadays. Anyway, she made sure that her husband also accompanied us with his credit card (He, Vijay is also working with us).

Usually I am not interested to visit a vegetarian restaurant, but since it was an invitation from an innocent girl like Sush, I couldn’t say NO. None of us had any previous experiences of having Italian food, hence we had no idea how the dishes will look like. Only relief would be Pizza, I thought. Sush told ‘QZdlla’ would be nice. Inchi enkil inchi. (Whatever available)

Menu had a few interesting stuffs like “Sadu Pizza”!!!. Is that meant for ‘sadu’ (poor) people like us? In Italian menu, how come “Goa Pizza” and “Bombay Pizza” got into? Anyway, we were able to find out Sush’s ‘favourite’ item “Quesadillas”. It is a chappathi kind of thing stuffed with pizza toppings. Why can’t we make an Idly Quesadillas? Dosa stuffed with Idly and charge 160Rs; economy rate!!!

I don’t know how to pronounce many items in the menu. Athoru puthiya karyamonnum alla (That is not a new thing). So, I thought to enquire the ‘neighbours’ about the good (means eatable) ‘item numbers’. However, waiter helped us to choose our menu. So here goes our menu.

Z.2 and Z.4 Zuppe (Italian word for Soup), A.5 and A.13 Antipasti (Starters), P.11 Pizza, B.29 Pasta and of course M.21-Cheese Quesadillas (We all are slim guys, so we chose to have cheese, for eg: myself 78Kg). After all, all items were nice, in fact a different experience for my taste buds.

Sush told me to make write a blog on this. But a deep trouble!!. How to memorize those scary names? So I collected the bill to get the names of our ‘item numbers’. Yupe, it would be help me for future references.

Z2 Passato di vedure
Z4 Zuppe di Cipolle
P11. Mediterranean Pizza.
B.29. Pasta Del Barone (Ravioli flavour)
M21.Cheese Quesadllas.

Nanniprakasanam: eppozho kazhinja janmadinasamsal nerunnu Sushmithakkai athodoppam nanniyum. Athinu istathiyaare nirbhandichu prerippicha Rave neenal vaazhatte.

(Vote of Thanks: Belated Happy Birthday, Sush!!! and Thanks for your nice Dinner. And long live Rave for compelling her for this treat ;-)

(yeah Cake Khane keliye hum kayee bhee jaa sakthe hai : Dil Chahta Hai)


Hey Joju !!!

he he :) guess u somehow got the names right !! :) had a gr8 time with u guys as well :))..

lets plan a next treat with Rave :-).we need to bankrupt him as well !! :))

You are day dreaming !!!
Rave and his treat ...ha ha !!
it is never going to happen ;-)



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