Yet Another Software Junk | മറ്റൊരു പാഴ്‌ജന്മം

If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It is a technical term to indicate that some dirty process is using the CPU for a longer time. Different people take different actions to solve this issue. Some might crash the system itself, a few intelligently kill that nasty process alone and allow other process to continue.

Yeah, My CPU is facing a serious CPU HOG issue. And that dirty process is nothing but this blog!!! My lovely blog !!!. I am neither cruel to allow myself to crash nor to kill this blog. So I am moving this blog to Suspend mode.

And here are my re-invoke criteria:
1) At least two technical journals in any Linux Magazine
2) 50 puzzle posts in my C-Puzzle blog
3) Close double the number of bugs targeted per month.
4) Complete my long term dream, A spell checker for Malayalam language
5) Visit not to a single blog in continuous 30 days.

If I could do any of these, I’ll resume “Yet another Software Junk”.

A few of my friends want me to start a Malayalam blog. They hope that it will good with my Thrissur slang. But.. I’ll start a Malayalam blog, if and only if I could complete the 4th one in above list.

On other hand, a few remarkable comments from my good friends influenced me to take this action.
Anoop: "Why can't you blog something useful; informative?"
Melvin: "Don't waste your life in blogs"

Exceptional case:
(1) Before my marriage; I might be publishing the status my bachelor-ship wish list .
(2) If I get bored, I’ll add index or categorize my old posts.
(Please)Don't ask me why a dead blog needs an index? (Chattha kunjinnu enthinaa jathakam?)

Till then, Bye.

----tail note---
This is my 163rd post in this blog. (Includes 8 unpublished drafts)
It acts as my diary. (98% true to my knowledge)
Silent agenda of this blog was to improve my language.

Using IP addresses, I found that around 20 people are regularly reading this blog and I do not know who they are? It would be great if you just leave a comment with name; I hope that you will consider my request.

It was a bit surprise for me that John Bhai too has started blogging. More surprise was that he started on the same date I planned to hibernate. (Due to the blog ban and other reasons I postponed it to today.)

Avan blog ezhuthan ullappol njan enthinnu? (If he has a blog, I don’t need one). Because my blog mainly tells about myself. The same you may read in his blog here and there.

His first entry itself is narrating an abstract of his life. He was very lazy, he says. But not exactly. Yeah, he might be lazy in his studies, but he was very active in a lot of other things. He found difficult to score an average mark in his B.Tech, but he was the topper in his higher studies. That is the difference between being a day-scholar and in "far far away from home". He has only limited friends there. No extra activities there. His hobby was to study the quality of materials.

So now, at my age he is the head of Quality Dept. directly reporting to the chairman of a leading construction group. He wants to tell something to his friends that how his Day-light-Dreams converted the 'lazy' person in him to achieve something in life.

Yup, I too started dreaming... to achieve something in my life!!!

So my scheduled shut-down of this page is going to happen today. I'll be back only after achieving something.

“If my kadinjool (first born) were a girl, it would have been nice; she would have helped me in everything”, My mother still believe so. Was it my fault being her first offspring?

“Pinnee (you are day dreaming lady…) you have a daughter, and I had never seen at any point that she is helping you… moreover what you will do, if your first born were a girl?, Do you have any money for dowry? It was your luck that I was born instead”, It is very easy to sideline a village born woman, yeah my dear Mom!!!

Leave my Mom’s dream; sometime I wished truly, if I had an elder sister!!!

As Anoop says I could enjoy a peg with my Aliyan (brother-in-law ;-)
And could have tried an old mallu saying - “ayilathala thala aliyannu polum kodukoolla”(1)

In my childhood; I got a good raging sessions from my cousins and uncles. Whenever they get a chance, they used to tease me (2). So it was quite natural that I always had fights with my cousins. Since they are one or two years elder to me, it was quite usual that I was on loosing side. But later I managed to learn how to tackle them. The saddest part was that whenever I was about to win in the fight, their elder sisters (3) would have jumped in and saved them. And ‘George’ became a “dash poya Annan”(4)

Yup at that time I wished if I had an elder sister; she could have saved me on my lost battles.

If I had an elder sister…

…I may give my assignments to her to do. [in a few occasion, my younger sis offered her helping hand on exchange for some toffees]

…I would have known a woman’s attitude and their pulse more clearly in a course of time. (Then my “respect-women” and related stuff might be something else ;-)

…she would have been a soothing presence during my toughest times.

…I could be her body-guard-kind against those who disturbing her. [Bhagyam; ellavarum koodi enne eduthittu perumari akke pulivaalayenne(lucky me….you wont see ‘George’ in the current shape then)]

…Of course I can exchange my responsibilities to her as eldest. Still inherited properties would be mine ;-) ente oru karyam; ethra niswartha nishkalanka puthran.(What an innocent, un-selfish fellow I am !!!)

In a few occasion, I thought if ‘this’ lady was my elder sister.
First one was my elder cousin. If she were with me, I could have win all battles [But her hubby is a ‘decent’ fellow..saaala he didn’t even smell alcohol; so eliminated her from my sis-wish]

My Colleague’s Wife: She is so caring.
My friend’s elder sister: She is very motivating.
A lady I saw in a restaurant: she is dressing sensibly.

A couple of others I saw here and there. They impressed me in their confidence; They walked like they rule the world, but humble in their talk/face.

Footnote: What will be my bro / sis thinking about me?
Would it be something like, “I have an elder brother; what is the use:-?”

(1) Ayila (fish) Fry is considered to be one of the most delicious dish in most of the Kerala families. So we may not interest to share its best part, head, even with our brother-in-laws.

(2) Frankly it helped me a lot in later stages of my life to defend my emotions.

(3) Elder brothers do not mind these fights;, fight-win-and-prove kind of attitude. A few will jump in between irrespective of his own brother’s winning probability.

(4) Another proverb that says about a state where in which we don’t know what to do

…about this blog is …

On Googling “Nayinte Mon”; you could see that the first hit is my blog. Try searching my full name. Google found this page as 4th preference.

On an unnecessary moment(oru aavasyavum illathe), I shared this fact with my roomie, Gopi a.k.a Bijoy. In a split second came the following comment,

“enthayalum karyam nadakkunnudallo; Google-nte oru power” (Anyway Google is spotting the exact one !!!)

I wonder even after 160 blog posts I didn’t mention much about a person who was with me for more than 7 years. Yup a sentence about Bijoy.

He usually opens his mouth to have ice-creams and to crack jokes. The similarity or difference between these two things is…

He is capable of eating ice-cream till the shopkeeper kicks him out. On the other hand, his jokes might make you laugh for the whole day.

After reading my penultimate year bachelor-ship wish-list, a few of my friends congratulated me over phone.
“Why?”, I was confused.
“You found your girl?!! Who is she? Where is she from?”, They were very happy.
“No no no… not yet” I tried to make things clear.
“Then why you put a word “penultimate”. Doesn’t it mean you are going to marry next year?”
“Ohh man … “, I wondered

So I decided to post this one to clarify:
My Primary Wish: I want to get married next year!!!

Folks, what do you think?

If I happened to find a girl, my wish list will be like following.

1) Find 10K every month to pay BSNL bill.

2) Find one hour (somehow) to publish at least one blog per month. And the content being.. “My Girl…LoL for all her poor jokes…guha guha guhah….ente oru avastha..!”

3) Divert my Recurring account (Money saved for Himalayan trip) for buying the most essential things in like teddy bear, toys, ice-cream, chocolates...
Hopefully I will visit all bakeries in the metro.

4) Chit-chat with her, go to movies with her instead of
a) Fly to Goa with Mel, Vikas, Dhanush, and Bijoy.
b) Drive my car from Thrissur to Chennai. Now I need permission only from my father to drive long distance. Guess a situation where in I require permission from her, her father, her mother & her little brother…:-?

I’d never thought that I would demand my parents to delay the search for my partner. Every time I visit home, they say that “see this girl, 5’1”, she is from Elthuruth(1), good family, working in TCS, Chennai (Ohh man… next building to my office), interested ?”

“First, what about my 640 KM drive? I’ll not look into that photo until that drive”

In fact, I am afraid to see her photo....; If that photo stuck right into my heart, Then !!!
Ellam kazhinjille (that will be the end of my freedom ;-)

(1) Elthuruth is my nearest parish and in my friend’s opinion he couldn’t see a below average Christian chick there.

After “Respect Women” and “Food for -scarf- thought”, a few people think that I am
an Anti - feminist. No fault in it, since the contents were directly targeted the female brigade. But how could I turn against a gender which includes my dearest Mom and my Sis who calls me Chetta (bro) with all her love and respect.

But I strongly hate those people who exhibit sex in the public. Ok I am going a step backwards. What is it to me if somebody is arranging a free show?!!! But a few wants the same in religious places (church) too.

Mind you, One and Only once Jesus got angry, Bible says. Why he became so angry to

“Cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of money exchangers, and the seats of them that sold doves”?

“and said unto them, It is written, My house is called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves

Hope you will not make him angry for converting the “house of player” into the ‘ramp of models’!!!

PS: This is applicable for both the sexes who wear ‘revealing’ clothes and those ‘6 pockets’ inside a church.

Ok I am going a step backwards. If you (1) dare to wear such things in your official meetings with your Boss (Chairman, CEO etc.); yup… “Do whatever those make you to concentrate on prayers?”

(1) Under assumption that you are not a CFO or COO ;-) hope you are just an officer or below.

I do admit the Communist on one thing (most likely only on one thing). They contribute a lot to remove communalism. And most admirable was their fight against Ayitham (untouchability). That in turn was a fertile soil to many other revolutions.

My Question to myself is (You may ask the same to yourself too).
Am I free from untouchability?

Untouchability between rich and poor. (beggars are also human beings; It is not his fault that he was born to a poor family and ‘Myself’ in a better one)

Culture to ‘Cultureless’ (Usage of fork and spoon doesn’t mean that it is the best culture)

Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarians (Phaah… eating dead-bodies)

Communists to ‘boorshua’ (bourgeoisie) [they think that rich men have no right to live in this world]

Handsome/beauty to ugly [Are they vanaras (monkeys)]?

‘Decent’ fellows to Drunken. (These decent fellows never mind a person who fell down on road-side thinking that he is drunk. He might be dehydrated, on other hand :-(

KFC-iers to ‘Thattukada (street-shop)’-iers (Uncultured fellows; not humans at all !!! But puzhukkal (worms)

White to black (A few people are reluctant to sit near by black/not-fair people in a bus; a few might be thinking that what does this bus means :-?)

Did you find anything similar to untouchable near to you?

Finally everything categorized as two streams: Rich and poor.

I found two type of religion there exists no ‘untouchables’.
Smoker’s Religion: They do not mind to share same cigarette.
Boozer’s Religion: They do not mind to share same chalice (in case of shortage).

1. The most desirable celebrity: Meg Ryan

‘You have got mail’ impressed me a lot. I had rented out that CD, since it was a Tom Hank’s Movie. But after watching the movie I purchased a copy as a “Meg Ryan” Movie. The last scene is still unforgettable. Everything perfectly synced in her face. And a single sentence “I wanted it to be you…. I wanted it to be you so badly”. Happy, surprise, suspect, realization, ‘Anada kanneer’ (cry with joy) and love. Who else could replace her?!!!

2. Want to do this someday: Himalayan Trucking

Yupe, my 7th wish in the wish list. I want it to be done so badly.

3. Want to visit this place: Scottish Castles

A farm house in the valleys of Scottish mountains.. It may resemble to that of ‘Brave Heart’, my favorite Mel Gibson movie. Oru kuthiraye kittiyirunnekil !!! (If a horse were there to ride) it will be wonderful.

4. Random Favorite:

Maradona: A perfect football magician. Amazed to see his speed and control over the ball.
Now, trying to learn his tricks. You know, I managed to score one goal using his reverse cross. Kalodiyaanjathu ente bhagyam, 3 goal kalanjathinte pazhi vere ( Luckly, bones were not broken yet, by trying his trick and still my teammates cursed for 3 missed goals in my unnecessary ‘reverse cross’). Yeah, he influenced me a lot. Hence an argentinean_fan++.

Stephy Graph (Rank 2, Germen), Tendulkar (rank 3, Proud Indian ), Ivan Lendel (my old favorite, England), Wassim Akram (Rank5, Pakistan), Roberto Carlos (Rank 6, Brazil), Rahul Dravid (Rank7, Makes India Proud), PT. Usha/Anju Baby George (Rank8, Proud Keralites), Joe Paul Anjeri/Papachan (Rank 9, Makes all Thrissurians proud),

Jimmy George (Rank 10, I am unfortunate; never happened to see his game; but I can’t forget the great Indian Volley ball player). Jimmy is the youngest volleyball player to win Arjuna Award at the age of 21. He is the first Indian volleyball player to play club volleyball in Italy. Still take the top 10 attackers in World Volleyball map; you may see his name

5. I was tagged by Dhanush.

Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from.

I would like to tag Thanu and some dead-ends ;-) Anoop, Sujith, Tanuja.

Edit: Ivan Lendel is not from England; but from Czech Rep. Now US citizen.

Though I don’t possess a visa to fly Italy, I visited ‘Little Italy’ yesterday. Sush invited me for a dinner along with Rave; what to do yaar, Rave has become such a nuisance to her nowadays. Anyway, she made sure that her husband also accompanied us with his credit card (He, Vijay is also working with us).

Usually I am not interested to visit a vegetarian restaurant, but since it was an invitation from an innocent girl like Sush, I couldn’t say NO. None of us had any previous experiences of having Italian food, hence we had no idea how the dishes will look like. Only relief would be Pizza, I thought. Sush told ‘QZdlla’ would be nice. Inchi enkil inchi. (Whatever available)

Menu had a few interesting stuffs like “Sadu Pizza”!!!. Is that meant for ‘sadu’ (poor) people like us? In Italian menu, how come “Goa Pizza” and “Bombay Pizza” got into? Anyway, we were able to find out Sush’s ‘favourite’ item “Quesadillas”. It is a chappathi kind of thing stuffed with pizza toppings. Why can’t we make an Idly Quesadillas? Dosa stuffed with Idly and charge 160Rs; economy rate!!!

I don’t know how to pronounce many items in the menu. Athoru puthiya karyamonnum alla (That is not a new thing). So, I thought to enquire the ‘neighbours’ about the good (means eatable) ‘item numbers’. However, waiter helped us to choose our menu. So here goes our menu.

Z.2 and Z.4 Zuppe (Italian word for Soup), A.5 and A.13 Antipasti (Starters), P.11 Pizza, B.29 Pasta and of course M.21-Cheese Quesadillas (We all are slim guys, so we chose to have cheese, for eg: myself 78Kg). After all, all items were nice, in fact a different experience for my taste buds.

Sush told me to make write a blog on this. But a deep trouble!!. How to memorize those scary names? So I collected the bill to get the names of our ‘item numbers’. Yupe, it would be help me for future references.

Z2 Passato di vedure
Z4 Zuppe di Cipolle
P11. Mediterranean Pizza.
B.29. Pasta Del Barone (Ravioli flavour)
M21.Cheese Quesadllas.

Nanniprakasanam: eppozho kazhinja janmadinasamsal nerunnu Sushmithakkai athodoppam nanniyum. Athinu istathiyaare nirbhandichu prerippicha Rave neenal vaazhatte.

(Vote of Thanks: Belated Happy Birthday, Sush!!! and Thanks for your nice Dinner. And long live Rave for compelling her for this treat ;-)

(yeah Cake Khane keliye hum kayee bhee jaa sakthe hai : Dil Chahta Hai)

She (or he) is not the first one who is disturbing (or entertaining) me Anonymously.

It’d started from my 9th standard at my tuition centre. Usually I don’t like to write something on the desk (in short, father told me not to write). In spite of his warning, once I wrote something on my desk. It already had some name, pictures, lines etc. So once I got bored of some topic, I wrote a poem. Ok I am not poet; it was a poem from some great minds. I don’t remember what it exactly was. Yet, I am adding some interesting lyrics for a sample.

“Some people think that love is foolish
While others think it is a game
I feel love is a fire.
I am burning up in your flame”
-Gary Barlow

One anonymous comment appeared in my desk as reply in an appreciative tone. chumma... For fun I just replied continued everyday... there was not an inch on that desk with out a comment.

After a few months, it was difficult to distinguish the new comments from the old ones. And it was great fun to write comments back on the least reachable spaces :-) We had chat through the desk, we argued, we fought !!!

I wondered who he was?

Surprisingly I found one thing. Those comments might be from a girl. but if yes, she is in 10th. Boy’s and girl’s sides were swapped in these two classes. Otherwise it should have been from an 8th std boy. But I successfully eliminated the latter by the time of comments and the class schedules.

I don't think that she ever knew me, or neither do I . But, I remember it was great fun.

While “Fan from Venus” started commenting in my blog, I simply smiled. Is it he or she? Who wants to play with me? I am confused. But I was pretty sure that I'll write an entry for my fan sometime.

My second drawing on my desk was during my final year B.Tech. The subjects were too boring so that we even started playing niraoppikkal!!

Don't get confused by name. This is the board diagram ...

Surprisingly this took a convenient space on all desks in a short period. Engineers!!! and their 'creativities' ;-)


A 4 and half year old boy was watching his father doing slight-hair-dye-touch using a hair-dye-brush.He was confused to figure out why his dad is doing this? Yet he didn’t ask anything.

Next day he took one brush and dipped into his_own_made_mud_water and he started ‘beautifying’ his hair. His father was surprised to see this and didn’t realize what exactly he was doing. So he went near to him for a closer look.

That poor father got angry not only because for his kid playing with mud …but also for…
it was his tooth brush !!! Even his dad suspects that he might have dipped same brush into toilet to imitate their servent, who cleaned it on previous day!!!

This Kid is also famous for his Reverse offer and for imitating one dialogue perfectly just-in-time.

9 or 10 years back. Two weeks to go to the entrance exam.

"I won’t let you play football in this tournament", Appachan (Dad) showed a Red card to George before the kick-off of the Parish-football-tournament itself!!! He didn’t want George to get injured before the exam. We were in short of players. But he was not convinced with any of George’s arguments. His Dad was very strict.

So George was so sad and was forced to wear the dress of assistant coach and it was very easy to handle the team because half of the team was his own family members. Anthony elleppan
(George’s Uncle: Coach/Mid-fielder, Gincettean (elder cousin: Defender), Georgettan (elder cousin who grabbed that name before ‘George’ the author: Fast Forward), Raju (his brother) (Does he know the game?!! ;-): Defender. Joseph (George’s childhood friend also an awesome Goalkeeper in the parish itself)

On the tournament Day morning: George also followed the team to the ground for giving moral support. Slowly ground filled up with supporters of both the teams and other parish people which included his father's friends who knows him very well, though he doesn’t know many of them.

Match started. Since Goal keeper was strong enough so that he managed to save five sure goals in the first 10 minutes itself. The opponents were the runner's up in the last tournament. And they have three excellent players. So, we didn’t put much effort to get the first goal on 12th min. 15th min there came the second goal. So tension mounted on our side and Coach-cum-midfielder-cum-Uncle gave an action to George to play and he will take care his father. Though confused on the first moment, the pressure and the energetic atmosphere made George to replace his brother.

"ente st.thomas punnivaalaaa...kappathu (grace to St. Thomas)”.Somehow we managed not to get any more goals till the half time.

Before the beginning of second half, we’d put up a game plan. The whole plan depended on Georgetten our fastest forward and shaju, the midfielder. But the game plan was interrupted. The opponents know Georgettan very well and their game plan was to mark him with an extra defender. And Shaju was misplaced himself in between the game. So Anthony mappila himself became young at the age of 35 and took control over the ball. He gave a short pass to George who was the only unmarked person at that time.

George received the ball and moved up through the left side. And he managed to dribble the mid fielder and gave pass back to Anthony Mappila. Quickly he returned back to George where he was in position to shoot the Goal for 100% sure.

Only Goal Keeper and Goal post…. He kicked the ball a little bit forward to get the enough momentum to shoot. Suddenly the angry face of his father came to his mind. If he scored a Goal definitely his father would know somehow. He got confused. So he moved a step forward towards right.
"adi eda (shooooot)", Command from Anthony Mappila...

But George was still confused and moved further right and realized that it was a foolish move. Now, Goal keeper has a half chance to block the shot from that angle. Their defenders were flying towards George and one just reached to George. Tension mounted upon both sides. Quickly he came back to the game spirit and He didn't wait further… turned to left and an extremely low ground shot to the left corner of the post.

Goal !!! George wide spreaded his hands on the triumph but immediately closed his face and sat down. He knew that the punishments were waiting for disobeying his dad.

"Kallakeeda kutta (Well done my boy)", appreciation from the coach and he could easily read George's mind. "I'll take care of your father", he gave guarantee. At last we received two more goals happily from the Champions of the tournament and packed back to home.

George was not interested to go home immediately. He was searching for a lie to convince his dad. He realized that punishment for a lie would be severe than disobey. So he went home and planned to hide all broomsticks. Yet he didn’t. If his father failed to find any broomstick and he will take a patta-vadi (heavy stick) from somewhere nearby. It would be much worse.

As soon as he reached home he lied down on the bed and pretended to be fast asleep.

"njan venda ennu paranjittum nee kalichu alle (Did you play without my permission ?!!)", His father was a bit angry. But his voice was in a low tone only, which surprised George. Anger was only in words; not in the tone. Did Anthony mappila was able to convince him ?!!!

"Actually..." George searched for words and avoided a chance for lie. He perfectly knew that his father respect the honest reply.
"Umm...", surprised reply.
His tone can be read as this.

"Neeyathu purathu adichu kalanjirunnekil ninte katha njan kazhichenne". If you didn't score that one... you might be 'killed' by my hand now.

My unit again appeared for this tournament for the second time. And they didn’t even remember the legend who scored one and only one goal for the team. May be they thought about avoiding my travel from Chennai to Thrissur and back. They might not be aware of how much I was interested in playing against the same team now.
This time too, we lost against them for 2-1. The goal was scored by Githin, a 15 year old boy, son of Anthony elleppan. Surprisingly Anthony mappila also played for the team, second time. He is in his mid 40s.

Do you think this one was a long post? ha ha …actullay I cut to half after my editor’s expert advice. Still, if you have no other way to kill time, read the first comment, The original post.

Sometime back, “Himalaya” means Everest and Himalayan trecking was almost a “Mission Impossible” for me. In my earlier opinion, a normal person just can’t do that. But recently, a few of my colleagues had gone for a Himalayan trecking for 10 days. That gang included youngsters, old folks and even lollipop girls. Then why can’t I?!!

And this thought made me adding one more to my bachelor-ship wish list. Targeting this December to treck Himalaya.

Anyone else is interested?

I don’t know what to write about me. Really confused how to start my Orkut profile.However, here it goes.

I am very talkative.
I like to talk about myself. Ahankaram (self-false-pride). That is why this whole blog exists.
I like to talk about you. Chumma Maniyadi (just praising you). Add some comments please ;-)
I like to talk about my friends. See, my friends are too big guns.
I like to talk about events. Look look look my general knowledge are up-to-date (what does that mean?)
I like to share jokes. Chirikkuka, mattulavare chirippikkuka. (laugh and make others laugh), that’s George’s policy of jokes.
But I am a bit shy to talk to a girl without any reason. Simply, I just don’t know how to kick start a flirting session.

I am very regular in a few things. I am very lazy to do a few things.

My initiative capabilities started challenging me now. Njan vittukodukkilla. I’ll continue as Idle.

I like to play Football very much. Sorry don’t think that it is a World Cup mania. I’ve been playing Football for the last 15 years. In a few occasion I like to travel aimlessly!!! Sometimes, I like to walk for long distance (5 KM at a stretch is my current record).

I love Programming and Teaching as well. If someone offers me a job that demands 4 days programming and 1 day teaching, I’d love to accept it with no hesitation.

I am a bit Orthodox Christian. Reluctant to change religious thoughts.

I believe that I am very versatile, easy to approach. What else? You tell me… Just click on the “comments” link below and help me improve my GK on the subject “About me”

[I am ok even with anonymous comment]

Sarah’s post in her immigrant-in-canada kick-started me to write this post. This is purely my opinion and do not mean to offend Sarah or anyone else.

Why should women use scarf in church?

Clearly it is to show our respect to the GOD we worship. Then why should ONLY women to cover their head? Partiality?

Old- testament says that those with long hair (men or women) should cover their hair while praying!!! How the long hair has become disrespect? Watch Brahmins [or kings]; they do keep long hair just to show their supremacy. If you think that you are superior to your GOD, fine is all upto you. He may not be going to punish you for this reason. It is all human imposed rules to improve the quality of your worship. God may not be interested in some fake show!! If somebody follows his words, he (Jesus) considers him or her as a friend (HE says); So, for sure he will not ask a friend to show respect.

Why should we fast one hour before Holy-communion?

It is more scientific than religious aspect, I guess. You can concentrate sharply with an empty stomach. You can concentrate more on your prayer. There was a history of 6 hours restriction to the same in Church. Later it found that it is tough for common people to take owe like this. So it was cut down to 1 hour + 3hour long Holy Mass (effect 4 hours). Later length of Holy Mass shortened to one hour. So effectively 1+1=2hours. Now it is explaining that one hour is included in the length of the Holy Mass.

Other reason might be to improve your Aasa-adakkam (self control) against food. That is why Christians (at least Kerala Christians) are asked to refrain from eating meat on Fridays.
I clearly remember my brother’s weak argument to resist Appachan. In his opinion, all these things are cost-cutting methods of his grand-father (or his great-great-great grand father ;-)

A word to end with:
I never did a research on these topics but I heard it from my father and seemed logical. Do whatever for keeping your faith, it will be good.

My concept is a bit wrong; read Wesley's comment to know what Bible says


Thursday, July 20, 2006

It is a technical term to indicate that some dirty process is using the CPU for a longer time…


If you happened to read the post called CPU-HOG, it was too early !!!
It was my mistake..instead of hitting draft, I pressed on Publish.

That entry was supposed to post @ July 20. So moving it to draft-mode.

[Sorry Anon for confusing you]

I had failed to complete my final year project (Can we say that we have started it?). I did a pay back: Did 3 commercial projects to someone with out getting much money.

My teachers taught me about the beauty of indentation (while writing code).
So I forced my students to do it. Even my below average students knew indentation;
ok they may not knew the logic. Sorry dear students, if it was too painful

I had wasted a lot of time sitting idle.
It was a great pain seeing my students idle.
Sorry my teachers, I can understand the pain u felt :-(

I had failed in DS lab; it was my favorite. This is the one and only one failure in University exams. So I wanted to show my lecturer what I was capable of; I become stronger in C.

Hence I sentenced my better students to ‘suppli’ if they didn't perform well(1) (It took a lot of time to decide) Later one of the students came back saying thanks (after their supplementary exam) !!!

Even I was surprised to see their improvement. You must see them; "Sir, This is the algorithm,... this is the program,... this is the output,...and if you are interested, these are the fault recovery mechanism I did !!!" . I could clearly read from their face, "Anything else to do?". Exactly it was my state of mind after my suppli exam(2). But..

Sorry sir, I forgot to thank you for my suppli.

Usually I skip a few portions (in fact, most of the portions) while studying.
But was forced to study the same while teaching.
Sorry students if you couldn't understand it well.

I got a good service in my life. Just Rs10,000 to complete my B.Tech.
I paid it back: I was a teacher in a GEC for one year.
Sorry if I was idle/neglected my students for sometime.

2 and half years I hunted for a job. I mean to get a decent Software job.
2 and half years I enjoyed my life here.
Sorry my dear employer for wasting your time in bloging at your expense.
I'll either quit bloging or your firm or both.
or even I'll start blogging from my home.

I hate people who scores high marks except a few (genius like Gopakumar)
Now I realize that as a student our job is to score marks. You deserve a standing ovation.
Sorry for calling you a ‘Pusthaka puzhu’ (book worm) at that time.

In the first 21/2 years I have upgraded my skills and,
Next 21/2 I’ve spent degrading It.
I feel sorry for not developing anything new as my initiative

I know the problem's of an interviewee; I had faced it a lot.
Still as an interviewer I failed to help them. I could only pointed out their weak points :-(
May be it is not an interviewer's Job to help them. Still I feel too sorry about it.
Hopefully they will grow stronger.

Last but not least:
I had copied from other’s answer paper a lot of times and managed not to get caught
and thought my teachers were fools.
While I was a teacher, I realized why they didn't catch me.(3)

[The End]

(1) "if they didn't perform well": 'well' in the sense I expected at least some output from them. or at least I want their program logically correct.

(2)Most likely my lecturer desired that from me. Be stronger!!!
Sir, did you failed in your exam like this?

(3) There is a word called (student)-self-esteem.

Part V: Lonely, tough times
Part IV : Hostel Life
Part III : Changes
Part II : Once WE lived there
Part I :Touching 5 years after we split

From my childhood itself, I dreamt of having a pen friend like my father had. They exchanged coins and stamps each other. Hence he got a few Malaysian, Singapore, French coins etc. So I wished if I had a pen friend !!!

My ‘command over’ Queen’s language from my birth forced me to think reverse. I never thought about a pen-friend like relationship even while I had started the blog. But now I am realizing that I have a few friends in the net :-)

I happened to see this blog somehow and was impressed by his voice. I had never seen him before but familiar with his voice. And he might not have imagined how I looked like. But he knew what all things are happening in my life through my blog. Within a few days we became friends and was surprised to know that he is also sharing my home town.

Last weekend I went home and decided to meet him. He agreed with in no time. Hence we met at our ‘default’ meeting place, City Centre. That place is very easy to access and in the center of the City. He was very cool and friendly. And you may read his opinion about us.

After reaching home I realized that I accomplished my childhood wish for a ‘pen-friend’. Sharing coins might be pointless but we share our viewpoints about many things.

Picking up Dhanush's Tag.

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. Software Engineer : on going
2. Teaching: Guest lecturer at GEC and Ad Hoc at NIT(very short time): 4 years back
3. Librarian: 5-10 years back
Not as a profession ; yet a nominal amount I received just for Tea; chaayakaasu thadanjirunnu.
4. White hair pluck-er; around 15-20 years back;
Thanks to all my uncles who hates hair dye :-)

Charge: 5 paisa for a single white hair.
Speed: 14 hairs in a minute (depends on uncle's head ;-)
Max Fouls: 6 in an hour.
plucking two or more hair at time considered as foul !!! (it was painful for them)
and plucking a black hair was a serious foul. need to pluck 5 white hair to compensate.

managed to buy poppins, ice-sticks, panjaramittai, naranja satthu.

4 films I could watch again and again:
4 x 4 x 4 is better yaar.
I am a movie craze.

see my profile for a short picture.
Or follow this link for a mad picture;

4 places I’ve lived in:
1. Thrissur (23 years)
2. SKP (one year)
3. Calicut (one month)
4. Chennai (2 years)

Ohh man where is my one year gone. lost :-?
May be lost in this bloging ;-)

4 TV series I like to watch:

1. TV is a waste of time and it is a Devil's box ;-)
2. Comedy programs like 5-star-thattukada
3. Friends and Pogo
4. TV Malayalam junk Serials just to irritate Ammachi.

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
1. Ootty,
2. Kodaikanal
3. Munnar
4. Again Ootty, Kodaikkanal, Munnar (loop 2 times)

4 websites I visit everyday:
1. gmail, yahoo mail boxes
2. My and My Blog-mates sites.
3. NDTV , rediff at the time of Cricket
4. ICICI. (lakshagalude thirimarikal; playing with millions)

4 books I’d love to read again and again:

Not a reader at all. only a (blog) writer
Not yet completed a English novel with more than 300 pages
Yet taking the advantage of an old librarian
1. I like detective novels. Completed all Agatha Christi/Sherlock Holmes novels I believe.
2. A few dramas
3. a few Malayalam classics
4. Famous Five. Only I know how I finished this series.

4 favorite dishes:
1) Chicken any format. Chicken biriyaani is easily available.
2) Fish Curry With Kappa or Appam
3) Beef curry with any eatable (later is an optional)
4) Kanji with
a. PayaruKari + any pickle preferably Mango pickles
b. Chembu/Kappa + Curd + any pickle

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
1. At Home.
2. At Goa.
3. At Chennai for longer time. !!!
4. Switzerland or Singapore or UK or Dubai.

4 people I’m gonna tag:
1. Sujith
2. Anoop
3. Tanuja
4. anyone may take this

Stunned to see your brutal heading 'performance'. In a second how could you become a devil?

Though I was on Italian side, I wished for French victory (for a moment) !!! …I would like to see you in dressing room watching your team carrying WC. That punishment may not be enough. Saala.

I am too sad. another Burden of a fan :-(

I am already declared that I am a (born) Argentinean fan. One reason might be Maradona and his magic performance stuck right in the heart. Other reason is their fair play and the beauty of their pass. Is that Burden?

Not exactly, but I hate to see Brazil winning. I hate to see they playing well (ok leave this WC). I hate to see all other good teams. I always wanted to see Argentina on the winning side!!! Is it not a burden?

Yes. I failed to see the good game by others. I always tried to find mistakes of Rolando (I hate him from the very beginning of his career since he is scoring (just) goals. Though Ronaldinho was my favourite player, I am trying to compare him with the cool minded Argentinean play maker Riquelme. I like to watch only Messi, not interested in Rooney. I like Maxi Rodríguez not C. Ronaldo of Portugal. I don’t even bother about Totti and tony of Itali. I like Argentiean defender Ayala not Cafu; just because he is playing well!!! It is a question mark against my sportsman spirit. Is that not a burden?

I like to call Brazil as a gang of Old men. See this mimicked poetic line to explain above said. Vayasanmar oru koottam niranju brazilil.(they proved it in this WC too). I spend enough time to demotivate Brazil fans trying to find out the mistakes of Brazilian waves.

In the first QF, Argentina lost against Germany. Though I was afraid of it before, the match result pushed me into absented mind of next day morning. Is it not a burden of fan? I have no idea How to defend Rave, a blind Brazil fan. Many time I argued with him in a single point.
“Brazil might be a group of Great Players, but that is not a big thing until they played well”
“Yaar Brazil is like that only. They will play well only against good teams”
“Why can’t they play well against other teams?”
“Even without it Brazil can win”
…it goes on like anything… as face to face debate …as long mails… as forwards … as chat box..
Is it not a burden of fan?

Even sometimes I afraid that this fight might affect our friendship badly. Somebody… somewhere is playing and we are scarifying our friendship !!!. Just for no reason. Ohh Man.

Ok see the other side.
After Argentina lost I thought that it was end of my WC!!! But it was not. Actually my WC starts from that. I didn’t feel bad about Germany. Argentina played well, but not good in Penalty. German goalkeeper, Lehman was good enough to beat two Argentinean players.

I was not interested in Italy since they narrowly escaped from Australia. But even without that penalty Italy could have defeated them in extra time. They played well against Ukraine.

I was able to enjoy Portugal’s fight against England. I hate England’s irritating defensive play. So for a moment I supported Portugal. Ricardo’s 3 saves in Penalty was marvelous.

Before Brazil VS France match, let me introduce my family. My brother, Raju, is a Fan of small small teams. In his words he took enough pain to make Ukraine upto QFs. Now he is on France side since they are small compared to Brazil? My father, A Brazilian fan.
My mother supports India ?!!!
“Mom, India is not playing in WC”, I tried to convince her that we were not even qualified to play in WC.
“So what ? it is not my fault. It is yours, youngster’s, fault not to make India in WC”, she became ‘philosophical’.
Entammo Pidichathinum valiyatha Alayil (1),Hence I step backwards.

I am a neutral viewer. To Support my brother I reminded my father about 98 Finals. I reminded him that France played well against Spain (Raju ‘support’ed Spain a lot at that game ;-). And to support my father I reminded my brother, Brazil play well just in time” (Copied this words from Rave).

After first 30 minutes of that match, I watched Zizsu’s magic performance and gave a warning signal to my father.

“ingane poya Brazil tholkkum” ( There is a fair chance for Brazil to loose this game). I tried to provoke him.

He seems cool, “Yeah, I too doubt about Brazil now.. but Brazil… they can’t…hope so..let us see..”
Look at his reply… he was in a bit tension while I was cool. See this is the burden of a fan.
Even I feel a bit sad to see the last Latina American country’s exit from the tournament. But I enjoyed France’ game well. See I am free from the burden of a fan.

Germany Vs Italy: My mind was with Germany since they played almost all game well compare to Italy. But I didn’t surprise to see Italy’s victory. Aaru jayichalum thottalum enikkentha (I don’t mind who or who lost). It is none of my Business.

France Vs Portugal: I was confused to whom to support. Both are playing well. But my mind was with Portugal. They played well. Yet lost. What is it to me?

Now waiting to watch The Final: Italy Vs France
I doubt about France’s capability to penetrate the Italian defense.
If Zidane misses the ball … Italy will kiss the WC.

Footnote (1):
Pidichathilum valiyatha alayil:
It is a mallu phrase to indicate that more troubles ahead.
Background: we killed a snake and found a snake hole nearby.
We are expecting a snake of same size inside that hole.
Unexpectedly it might be a bigger one.

Another surprising event was in 10th standard. Here also the central attraction was a Christmas card. Unfortunately my aunt was there and she happened to receive the Christmas card. She got stunned to see the address.

Nikhitha 'George',
D/o 'George' John C,
xxxx house,
xyz street,
abc P.O.

... She almost fainted. She wondered; how could I have a daughter at that age of 15?

She put me into the 'court' and started cross-vistharam (trails). Even I couldn't believe myself. What I have done? Adultery!!! at that tender age?? Frankly, I was not even sure about the complicated process to become a father. I thought that just sleeping with wife was enough (PS: only with wife). What an innocent boy I 'was' !!!

"I don't have any wife yet. Then it is impossible to become a father!!!" I argued with my aunt.

"Ayyeda... ellam oppichu vannittu ...njan onnum arinjilla (are you acting as innocent after doing all wrong things?) ", she had no plans to leave me.

"enthonnu oppikkan ..(I didn't do anything...)", I was searching for some logic to defend.
"... I didn't slept with anybody", I tried to convince her.

"That was the problem...if you just 'slept' , this will not happen", She confused me.

I was totally lost. I couldn't understand what she was talking about. Her last sentence was contradicting with my beliefs. So I suggested her to read that address again.

Everything in the address was ditto same with my address except my house name. But that too where similar. Both were starting with "Ch..."

Yeah he was staying in the same lane and he had a daughter studying at 8th. Hence I became a father of 8th std girl at the age of 15!!!

However, at the end of that event I got a chance to meet a beautiful girl and her beautiful elder sister. Still both of them exchange smiles remembering all these things.

My name is unique in company's people finder and client's large employee database as well. Yet, we (four of us) share the same name there in my locality. and Nikitha's (that name is fake) father and I share same father's name + initials and was living in same street for some time.



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